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Would you break up with your partner if you found out they had a medical condition

Begging Question: Would you break up with your partner if you found out they had a medical condition?

This past week, I was talking to a friend who recently found out that her boyfriend’s genotype was AS. They were about to take their relationship up a notch and decided that they had to run some tests.

Test results came back and showed that they were both AS. She said they didn’t want to believe it so, they got a second opinion, and then, a third opinion. Finally, they accepted their fate. They’ve decided they are going to damn all consequences and stay together.

While hers is something some people would consider “not that bad”, a great number of people like Edvin have been affected by it.

Being AS is now a serious medical condition. It has cost me three relationships. So, I ask about it while we’re still friends before proceeding.

This got me thinking. Would people break relationships off because of health or is love strong enough to conquer all. Omolola says she’ll break off the relationship to spare the life of her unborn children.

Yes ma’am! I don’t want my kids laying curses on me because I was in love and refused to take a decision that would have spared them eternal pain.

Some others, however, said they would continue with the relationship.

No, I wouldn’t .


Not at all


Meanwhile, others say it depends on the condition.

It depends on the condition. If it’s a medical condition that is gonna affect our future together, I will break off the relationship.


It depends on the medical condition.

This week on Begging Questions, I’d like to know. Would you break up with your partner if you found out they had a medical condition? Please leave your answers in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “Begging Question: Would you break up with your partner if you found out they had a medical condition?”

  1. I would break up and very quickly too. Health condition is one of those things that are extremely challenging in a relationship and takes its toll rapidly!! That love we claim to have for each other will fly out the window once the strain of carrying a burden as heavy as ill health starts creeping up on us. Sadly love is never enough.

    1. Damilola Ogundare

      I know we all say love is never enough, and when reality of the health condition set in, love will fly out of the window, on a second thought, if you have somebody that you both have a lot going for each other, there is always a way around it, to get somebody that flow with you is not easy. They are some things that can be managed, depending on the situation at hand. In this our world. Some people leave our lives and we never remain the same again.

  2. If it’s a genotype issue, then yes. If not, then we’ll tough it out.

    There’s no guarantee that they won’t fall sick in the relationship or marriage or whatever it is both are doing together, so we can always tough it out.

    But genotype? It’s an issue that will affect future generations so I don’t want to give someone else wahala.

    I’m AA sha, so come one, come all hehehehe

  3. Depending on the kinda health condition though, health condition is one thing I’ll before getting into a relationship… They’re some health conditions that’ll definitely lead to break up

  4. Ifunanya Mbakogu

    It depends on how serious it is. If it would affect my kids and me then, I will leave. If I was in his shoes, I would not be selfish about it.

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