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Meet Nelson Ehimen

“My major source of inspiration is my love for fashion.” – Meet Nelson Ehimen

Nelson Ehimen is a Fashion Designer with variety. He is currently based in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. I met him during my university days and I didn’t know he was a stylist at the time and to be honest, when I saw his designs, I was stunned. Enough details from me. Let us hear from the horse’s mouth.

Meet Nelson Ehimen

“My name is Nelson Ehimen Aigberewmon. I am a graduate from the University of Benin; a fashion designer, and CEO of Neo_apparelz, Neo_foot_wears, and Neo_wash.” I told you he had a variety to offer.

Meet Nelson Ehimen

Mastering the art of fashion designing can be time-consuming and for 6 years on the job, I must say Neo_apparelz has come very far when it comes to mind-blowing style delivery.

Also, it doesn’t take time alone. It also takes determination and sacrifice to be this good. “Hmm… It wasn’t easy learning fashion because at that time, I was also a student and I had to leave school during weekends to attend fashion school. I also had to try and learn as fast as I could because I barely had time to study as other students did.”

With every hard work, comes results and when you start seeing results, you have a right to be proud when stating your achievements. “I think I have grown well. I have won several awards in fashion and my fashion brand is becoming well known in Edo state.”

There has always been this argument between learning tailoring and attending a fashion school. For CEO Neo_apparelz, “Hmm… Fashion school for me though.” Why do I feel he said that because he attended a fashion school? Well, I can’t argue with the quality it brought him.

In any field or profession you chose, you must have mentors or role models. “Okay. My mentors are my fashion bosses, T-factorial and Frostitches.”

Satisfaction means different things to different people and for Nelson, it is customer satisfaction. “The joy I put on my customers’ faces and the confidence they exhibit when they put on my wears give me satisfaction on the job.”

Discouragements always tend to find ways to creep into hard work. This is where zeal speaks for you. “My worst times on the job were my start-up times. It wasn’t easy for me as I lacked finance and there were other challenges I would prefer not to think of.”

Achieved goals always make way for higher goals. Neo_apparelz is not just going to be selling his products, he plans to impact his fashion knowledge on aspiring learners.

“Yes, I have plans. I intend starting up a fashion school and also spread my brand around Nigeria.” For this kind of dream, there has to be a source of inspiration.

Nelson says his love for fashion and creativity drives him. “My major source of inspiration is my love for fashion, and I enjoy creating awesome designs.”

Well, we have to end the conversation now but CEO Neo_apparelz has something to say to aspiring Fashion Designers. “Well, for a person who intends going into fashion, my first advice is for you to study the fashion market and see if you are up to the task so that you don’t get discouraged at the long run.”

There you have it. If there is anything I admire, it is young people aspiring for a greater tomorrow and working towards it. I have always followed his work and to tell you the truth, his prices do not to justice to the quality he offers with his work. Catch him on Instagram @neo_apparelz.

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Ifunanya Mbakogu

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