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“The basics are not just about having talent.” – Meet HDMI

Music is one of the most appreciated forms of entertainment. It meets you at different points in your life and it soothes your mood. To some, it is entertainment, but to some, it is an expression. Meet HDMI. To him, music is life as it runs in his veins like blood.

Please give us a brief background of HDMI.

My stage name is HDMI, but my real name is Doherty Edafe, and I’m from Delta state. I’m from a musical family – my parents used to be musicians back then, and they had a song that came into the limelight shortly before I was born. So, it is safe to say that music runs in my veins. My dad taught me to play the piano, and he employed a music teacher, and I started getting acquainted with music.

Have you always been a lover of music?

I won’t say I’ve been a lover of music. I’m music in itself. I say jokingly that if I should cut my veins open, music could come out as blood.

How is it like singing in a very competitive entertainment industry like the Nigerian music world?

The Nigerian music industry is very competitive. The basics are not just about having talent. If you have great songs and don’t have money, you’re left out. This has discouraged many artistes – we have seen artistes get so much popularity in music and nothing tangible to offer other than money and influence.

Good character is also another thing. It will also take you far, and for me, God has been good to me, even if I’m not at my peak yet.


Your song, “Bobo You” made waves at The University of Benin. I witnessed it myself. How would you compare it to its reception outside the school environment?

“Bobo You” did not only gain recognition in The Univerity of Benin, but it all started there in 2017. It was an experiment. It may sound funny, but I was sleeping one day, and God woke me up. He said, “ake this instrumental, and write this song.” I listen to God a lot. I did exactly as instructed, and before you knew it, I started getting calls for shows in and outside the University of Benin.

“Bobo You” became the most played song in Edo state that year. It was played in most radio stations in other southern regions as well. I got “Music of the year” with the song at the University of Benin, and I also got “Artiste of the Year”. I hope to redo the song to blend it with the trend of the time.

What would you say is your major inspiration?

My major inspiration is God. This just the absolute truth – you can see what happened with “Bobo You”.

Do you have a celebrity crush? Who and why?

My celebrity crush is Eva Alordiah. She is very talented, artistic, and intelligent. I love how she talks and how she expresses herself. Another celebrity crush I have is Chidinma, Miss Kedike. She is just something else.

What has been your best experience so far throughout your musical journey?

I always want the best. Even when it seems like I have the best, I strive for more. If I am to tag the best experience, I would say it was a concert hosted by The Crowned Prince of Edo State. The crowd was massive, and the love I received there from the University of Benin was exciting. I felt the heat. Although a known celebrity was present, it seemed like I had pulled more weight as people knew the lyrics of my song so well. I wished people knew my song like that in the world.

I have listened to all your songs and to be honest, they are amazing. My best remains “Somebody”. I have also listened to Snipper ft. Zlatan – cool jam. Which songs connect to you more?

I’m usually amazed that people love “Somebody” so much. It’s a great song, but I prefer to do better and not dwell on a good song. I love to push myself more to be better than my best song. The same goes for my song with Zlatan. I always want to be better.

Music] HDMI Ft. Zlatan - Sniper » Naijaloaded

The songs that connect to me more are songs that I have not dropped. They are African and are like chants. The real me lies with RnB. I have a genre of RnB cooking, and it is RnB mixed with Afro-pop. It is a sweet kind.

What has been your best experience so far?

I don’t think I have the worst moment throughout my journey. Life is full of challenges, and it is normal that a person struggles. It’s just the normal record label stress. If I would name one, it would be the time I worked with my last record label.

Are there any musical acts you would love to feature in future productions? Why?

Oh yes! I’d love to work with Davido, “Baba himself”. If he sings just one line in my song, I’d appreciate it. He is a blessing to people. I’d also like to work with Flavour, Wande Coal, Teni, and a couple of others. There are so many amazing artistes in the country. Outside the country, I’d like to work with Jason Derulo, Chrisbrown, and a host of others. I have American dreams.

What is your take on publicity in the entertainment industry?

Nigeria has stepped up when it comes to publicity. You only need to have money, and you will go far – you need a platform that is recognized, but If you don’t, you can pay people who have, and they hardly publicize for free. These platforms go a long way in publicity.

Should we anticipate more jams from HDMI in 2021?

By God’s grace, I’ll be dropping jams this year. I want to use this opportunity to apologize to my loyal listeners and followers who have not heard from me, but I promise that I’m working on something, and you would hear from me soon.

Any last words to share here?

Thank you so much Talku Talku. Una dey talk well (Your platform is very eloquent.) Thank you.

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