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The fruit nurse

Chioma, The Fruit Nurse, Okonkwo on “how to improve your health”

Chioma Okonkwo is a registered nurse who started her health lifestyle brand, Sparkles HealthStyle, as a result of a bond with a dying patient. She tells us of her story and business offerings in this feature.

Health is wealth, and that is why health can also be a source of wealth.

A healthy person can go about his business easily and enjoy the fruits of their labour. It’s even better when a healthy person makes money from helping other people stay healthy.

Chioma Okonkwo, also known as “The Fruit Nurse” is a naturopathic medicine practitioner and a practicing nurse. Her business, Sparkles Health Lifestyle is a brand that sells medical solutions in the form of fruit therapy for all kinds of ailments.

According to Web MD, naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapies, including herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counselling.

Techniques used in naturopathic medicine are centuries old. Modern variations of the practice have successfully fused modern medicine with the ancient techniques that were used to heal ailments.

Chioma has been practicing as a nurse for seven years and added naturopathy to her practice two years into her nursing career. She happened upon naturopathic medicine due to a special bond she shared with a patient of hers in her days as a student nurse.

“I was in 200l in nursing school when I admitted a patient with stage 4 ovarian cancer. This patient was given two months to live, and I just wanted to save this life. I started to research alternative ways to cure cancer, and stumbled on wholistic (naturopathic) medicine.” Chioma says.

“We started with juice therapy [using juices from fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots], then we changed the patient’s diet. She [the patient] went on to live for another eight years after being given only two months to live initially.

“I started my naturopathy journey after that experience. I studied with some South African doctors, took courses on nutrition and naturopathic medicine, wellness therapy, herbalism and everything that has to do with wholisitic medicine.

“I wanted to help patients beyond just being a regular nurse, so I [put my certificate to use and] practised naturopathy alongside my nursing, and in 2017, my business (Sparkles Health Style) officially launched.”

Chioma “The Fruit Nurse” and Sparkles Health Style has since become a brand to be reckoned with in the wellness space, with many clients who are thankful for her services.

Chioma says that Nigerians need to understand that health starts from what you eat. “It’s either the food you eat everyday is killing you, or is helping you. So, what naturopathic medicine can help you do is to make your food into medicine so that it’s not boring. I advocate more for fruit therapy because people haven’t explored the full benefits of fruits.

“Nigerians need to understand that food is the real medicine. Now, we’re taking medication as food instead of taking food as medication. Everybody needs naturopathy.”

Sparkles Health Styles is her solution for people “who have lost hope that they can actually get better, using food and fruits as tools [of trade]” Chioma says that doctors aren’t needed after they consult her and use her products, except in very severe cases. But she also insists that while her naturopathy business is the real deal, it all depends on the customer’s willingness to change their lifestyle.

“We don’t just sell products. We sell a change of lifestyle,” Chioma says. “Even if you buy our products and you’re still eating wrongly, the problem will persist.”

Sparkles Health Style’s mission is to make sure that customer lifestyles are modified. The major product on offer at the Sparkles Health Style clinic are fruit teas – teas made from different fruits for varying health conditions. Other products include meal plans specific to different blood groups (which is also sold as the key service of the clinic).

The prices for the products and services on offer at the Sparkles Health Style clinic differ according to the health condition. However, a proper diagnosis must be gotten from your doctor before the clinic will be able to help you with their solutions.

Chioma hopes that her “Fruit Nurse” brand as well as her clinic can attain mega heights by the end of the new decade. “I’m aiming to become one of the biggest fruit therapy clinics in the world. I also hope to produce juice making equipment that every home will have, to remind them to eat healthy.

“Once you see the Fruit Nurse juicer or blender, it reminds you to live a healthy life. This is what I hope to achieve in the new decade.”

Chioma “The Fruit Nurse” Okonkwo is challenging everything that modern medicine stands for with her Sparkles Health Style clinic, but is also advocating for a proper balance between modern medicine and naturopathic medicine.

She also has a book on fruit teas called “The Fruit Tea Bible” which will educate you on how various juices and teas made from the everyday fruits you discard or consume without a second thought help your body heal.

Follow Sparkles Health Style on Instagram to learn more about this business whose mission is to make sure that you’re healthy enough to become wealthy.

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