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Begging Question: Will Nigeria ever give room for non-heterosexual orientation to freely be expressed?

Who could have thought the effects of making non-heterosexual relationships in Nigeria illegal would stretch to the shores of cinematic settings?

Recently, the new Marvel superhero blockbuster, “The Eternals”, premiered on the 5th of November 2021, but, in line with the provisions of the Criminal Code of Nigeria which sanctions Nigerians from participating in homosexual activity with up to 14 years in prison, the National Film and Video Censors Boards (NFVCB) decided to indefinitely ban the movie from the nationwide screenplay. 

The Rainbow Flag Flies at Low Mast in Nigeria

The ban is major because of the controversial scene, where actors, Brian Tyree Henry and HaazSleiman, share the first gay onscreen kiss to ever be featured in a Marvel production. With celebrities, like Lil Nas X to our very own Bobrisky, who has wholeheartedly embraced his sexuality within the homophobic borders of our conservative country.

This begs the question: Will Nigeria ever give room for Non-heterosexual orientation to freely be expressed?

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About the Author

About the Author

17 thoughts on “Begging Question: Will Nigeria ever give room for non-heterosexual orientation to freely be expressed?”

  1. The world is evolving, I don’t pray for it to be legalized but anything can happen in Nigeria, so it’s fingers crossed!

  2. It would be so hard here, very very hard, it’s against our norms and values. How would your parents even accept you? Well, some would though…but majority of our Nigerian families would kick against it.

  3. I’m an homophobic and i don’t support any form of same sex practices
    at all…so the law should not be lifted…that the the only way we can remind sane.

  4. Nigeria as well as Africa in general is bounded by “cultural ethos”. The value of Culture and even Religion is a major reason why Nigeria will not give room for non-heterosexual relationships

  5. Well, in my opinion it’s extreme to go as far as banning movies of such, I mean it’s just a movie… At least 85% of Nigerian feel such act is absurd but a movie is a movie, created for entertainment

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