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Taking Your Creativity To The Gym. 3 Tips

Being creative isn’t exactly as easy as you think it is. Even the most innovative minds have periods of bleakness, where they struggle to conjure ideas and imaginations like they normally would on a whim. In fact, the most frustrating part of being creative is the times when you are not, and you know you can be. Creative power is a concept which connotes the ability to create. It is a power that many seek, many have, but only a few know how to hone.

Like an early morning jog or an excruciating workout session at the gym, creativity is like the body. It needs to be worked to stay fit and when you’re fit, you are healthy. So how do you acquire a healthy, creative mind? As a creative myself, I was also curious, so I decided to pick up my phone and call the most creative people I know and ask how they keep their creative muscles flexed. Their answers might be a little more surprising than you imagined.

Walking around in baggy pyjamas, enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to pick and choose what I have to wear to work, because working from home happens to be way cooler than most imagine, I wait for one of our Creative Executives at Talku Talku to sound off on the other end of the line. Always energetic yet exhausted at the same time, Victory Nwadike is quick to let me know she has a busy schedule ahead of her, so I lay it on her swiftly.

“How do you take your creativity to the gym?” I expected her to be confused and she was, with a sharp “eh?!”. When I did break it down the easiest way I could, as one of the most intelligent lawyers to grace the courts, she offers me the most solid way a creative can work out their creativity.

Education is Far-reaching

Without a solid knowledge of things, you would not have a strong foundation to build on, in order to create far greater things. Education – not just academic – is important than you can imagine; offering a basis for your creativity to feed off of. How can you be creative if you don’t continuously educate yourself?

As creatives, we cannot afford to snooze on educating ourselves or staying up to date. From industry updates to the latest tools, there’s so much to constantly educate ourselves on.

Coming off the call, I waited a moment to digest what she said. Education, truly, is power, creative power. The next person I called is our founder, whose ambition is to build the largest propeller of creative energy in Nigeria. Like always, he doesn’t disappoint.

Who is Your Competition?

Competition has been one of the biggest drivers of creativity for centuries. When you compete, you push yourself to do better and, in turn, unlock new levels to just how far you are willing to go, to make it work – to win! Competition is the fuel you need to break past your limits. Think out of the box, and perform greater than you normally would.

It offers a benchmark you seek to surpass. Without it, standards are never raised, creative powers are never tested and the curve of innovation flat lines. Look at the greats of the world, they had rivals they had to beat to get to where they got. So, to strengthen your creative muscle, compete! Seek to outdo your yester-self.

The last person I sought out was myself. I made my way to the bathroom and took a long self-reflection in the mirror. How do I usually take my creativity to the gym? Keep it flexed and fit? I couldn’t help but smile. The answer has always been so easy.

Be constantly Inspired

The bedrock of creativity is an inspiration. When you are inspired, you automatically turn on your creative power. You are in a state where so many ideas come to your mind and you can turn them into the greatest of realities. However, you have to constantly remain inspired and it can come from the littlest of things.

Listening to music, watching movies, or reading a book! Do whatever triggers you to light that creative spark. At first, it may look difficult but it gets easier with the right presence of mind and steady practice.

Of course, there are a few more ways to take your creativity to the gym, unlock your creative genius and inspire a depth of rich ideas and execution. Being consistent in seeking knowledge, building healthy competitions, and finding constant inspiration are some good places to start. Stay creative!

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