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Adobe Firefly Beta Is Open!

It is commonly said that the creative mind never takes a break, but I think that’s dependent on what you define as a break. It’s the weekend, and I’m definitely going to be taking a break by reading some fiction. How about you? Are you taking a break this weekend?

Whether it’s a yes or no, I’ve curated this week’s roundup to help you stay informed and access opportunities.

Technology and AI have been taking strides lately, and they’ve finally come to have a major impact in the creative space!

Curious about what the impacts are? Then, take 3 minutes and read on.

Davido Announces his New Album, Timeless 

After the death of his son, Ifeanyi, David Adeleke, AKA Davido, took a 4-month break from social media to mourn his loss. However, he is now back and announces his return with the release of a new album, Timeless. The album will launch on the 31st of March, 2023.

Source: Vanguard

Starlink Faces Possible Ban Due to its Type of Satellites 

Though Starlink has a lot of possibilities for Africans, it is now facing some issues from the science community. This is due to the low Earth orbit satellites which Starlink currently uses. Scientists are pushing that the production of these satellites is stopped due to these two problems. One is light pollution, as its production is now increased on Earth’s surface and from low Earth Orbit satellites. The second is the possible reduced inability to study astronomy because of its interference.

Source: Tech Zim

Adobe Firefly has Generative AI for Creatives 

With the beta version of the first Firefly model, you can create amazing new content by using a common language. Using Firefly, you may produce unique vectors, brushes, and textures from a few simple phrases or even a rough sketch. Even the capacity to alter videos with just text is being developed. In addition, simple 3D compositions can be swiftly transformed into photorealistic photographs using Adobe Firefly, and new styles and varieties of 3D objects can be quickly created.

Source: Adobe

Canva Gets an Update with AI and Brand Hub 

The Brand Hub contains Brand Templates, Brand Folders, Brand Kit and Brand Controls. All of these are made to create flawless collaboration in teams and keep to the organisation’s structure and branding. The main AI tools are Magic Design, Magic Edit and Magic Eraser. However, they also have a Canva Assistant, Beat Sync, Translate and Shape Assistant for creating perfect shapes.

Source: Creative Bloq

The Sillerman Prize for Poetry is Open 

African authors who have not yet published a book-length poetry collection are eligible to submit their “first book” works to the Sillerman First Book Award for African Poets. Only Africans are permitted, and they must provide identification proving their nationality. Only English-language poetry submissions will be accepted. Material translated from another language into English is acceptable; however, the translator will get a portion of the reward. Submissions are available between the 15th of September and the 1st of December, so you can start drafting your poetry today.

Source: Creative Writing News


That’s the weekly creative roundup! Which opportunities are you signing up for now?

I’m definitely going on the beta subscription to Adobe Firefly. I can’t wait to see what I can create with simple words. See you next week.

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