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Why are my accessories getting so much

Why are my accessories getting so much attention? Not fair

Can we finally make a decision on accessories? Why are my accessories getting so much expressed negative emotions?

I love expressions and, mostly, I love fashion statements. When I see a uniquely put-together outfit, it moves me to imitate the same and if it doesn’t work for me, I don’t bother.

What I don’t understand is why my accessories should describe me. I thought people were more criticized for wearing less. Why are my accessories getting a place in people’s negative thoughts?

What are these accessories?

The society plays a major role in my choice of clothes so let’s start from there. Here are some of these accessories.

Waist beads

This is supposed to be a fashionable wear. It is also worn by ladies as either a fashion prop or as a check for belly fat. I love waist beads and the tingly thing it does to my brain when it moves around my waist.

However, the moment I bend down in front of a person and my waist bead shows, I get a negative facial expression. Some spiritual enthusiasts say it is used for initiation and other spiritual reasons.

Personally, I don’t think somebody gathered all the waist beads in the world and initiated them with voodoo…lol.


I still wonder why something so adorable could get so much disdain from people. Anklets are traced back to the time of slavery when they were used to distinguish between royals and slaves. Royals were said to use precious stones to form anklets while slaves wore anklets that were made from less expensive materials like brass.

The world has evolved with time. Anklets have gained so much enemies and I have heard people attribute anklets to prostitution or lesbianism. The problem here is that I love anklets and I am none of these. Should I kill my desires or just follow them.

Or should we make a distinct kind of waist beads so that we don’t have to get the negative expressions. If I can find it, shouldn’t we make it a breaking news so that we are spared the need to explain every time. We need to figure this out fast. I am having crazy creative anklet ideas already.

Nose rings

As much as I don’t like piercings because I feel they are painful and can have side effects – even when I have not witnessed any – I think piercings are so beautiful.

I’m of a Christian faith but I have a Muslim best friend who wears this a lot and its so cute – I hardly tell her though so I can mess with her pride a little – and I have watched Muslim movies and I see them sitting so cute on girls’ faces. By the way, why are Arab girls so cute?

Nose rings get so much hate and I just wonder why it is like that when it is just so small and doesn’t say a word.


I still find it hard to believe that something I apply on my face should determine a person’s relationship with me. I remember telling a lecturer I had an A in his course and he asked “You got an A and you apply these things on your face?”

I was helping Timah’s boyfriend with a painting one day and I heard “A girl wearing an anklet did this?” I mean… Is there a book that we don’t know about that states that our brains should be measured by what we wear?

“You call your self a Christian and you wear waist beads?” When do accessories start making people? I thought people made them.

Of course, I know about the corporate organisations and their stance on accessories, but I don’t think it was because they were immoral or they zap your brains. I’m also not saying you should love these things. You have a right to hate what you hate just as I have a right to like what I like.

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Ifunanya Mbakogu

Ifunanya Mbakogu is a professional editor and proofreader with a bachelor's degree in English and Literature from the University of Benin. Drawing from a solid level of interpersonal and analytic skills, she is able to present societal issues and matters arising in engaging ways. She is an Editor at Talku Talku.

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