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Creative Gist: What Is Your Ideal Working Environment?

It’s pretty common to hear creatives say, “I can’t even work here”, “This place isn’t conducive for me”, or “I can’t concentrate here”. All these points to the creative’s connection with the environment and how it affects their working mentality.

But does everyone have an ideal working environment? Or are the complaints just from cuddled creatives who don’t know better? Our parrot, Ayomide Fadeyi, AKA Spicy Parrot reached out to six creatives to ask them this question.

So, let’s hear the gist from these creatives.

Dolapo Raji

Model, founder and creative director of Nurtnorm and Nurtnorm Retail.

An ideal working environment to me is a place where all individuals on set know their work and the role they are around for. [There needs to be] proper time management and also provision for each and every need that may arise during that time duration set for each individual.
In some way, I'm working in a space where there are different types of people. So I'd rather keep up to my own expectations on my ends and if anyone else doesn't do the needful, it just determines the amount of value they place on themselves.

Ideal Working Environment

Opeoluwa Oluwaseyi Adetunji

Event/project manager, Co-founder of Hangs and Colours

So yeah, ideal is relative, in my opinion. But to a satisfactory extent, I'd say I do have an ideal working environment.
Any environment that helps me get very productive and where I'm most vulnerable [is ideal]. If I'm working alone, music does it for me, and dark spaces with very dim coloured lights. My physical space is very important to me. If I'm working with a team, communication is most important. Nothing can be done without communication and it also helps to build positive relationships amongst everyone which in turn yields productivity.

Ijebor Nosakhare

Social media manager, yoga instructor, writer. and sociologist

I would say I have an ideal working environment because I'm still a student. Most of my jobs are remote so I work from home and I get to choose the settings for most jobs that I do, like my modelling gigs, I can use my room or my school environment. For yoga, I mostly use gyms or my former workplace. Basically I'm still at university so I have access to a lot of good workspaces that fit my choice.

Oluwaseyi Victoria Balogun

Handmade fashion designer

I don't have my personal space yet. That's one of the major challenges I'm facing.
The issue is, I have a place where I work at the moment [that is kind of] an ideal work environment. There are no side attractions to having my personal space before I can call it ideal; but of the fact that it's my personal space it gives me too much convenience.

Oseruona (‘Ruona) Asak

Blogger, content writer and a vibe

Yes I do. My ideal work environment is at home, at my workstation. I’m at that point in my life where I don’t think I’ll do a 9-5 job again because I’ve been there, done that and it’s not for me because I don’t like stress.
I love to work where there’s peace and quiet, where I can think and my creative juices can flow. There’s always soft music in the background and a snack just out of reach. I also ensure to have everything I’ll need to work because I have a tendency to get distracted easily. I work for 2 hours at a stretch with 30 minute breaks in between so my brain can relax.
My ideal work environment as regards the people I work with is people with a common goal. I love working with people that communicate and are team players, without any form of toxicity.

Daniel Bokantero

Web developer and content writer

Yes I do. I work at home, in my room where it's tranquil. I tend to have more inspiration there. I basically get inspired to work in any quiet place. So relatively my ideal place of working is my home and any quiet place.


Having an ideal workspace isn’t a myth! Productivity is important for every professional and these creatives have proved that. Do you have an ideal working environment?

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Angel Umez

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