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Top 5 all-time Nigerian love songs

Top 5 all-time Nigerian love songs

Here are 5 Nigerian love songs you should listen to this month

Valentine is over, but, we’re still in the month of love and Nigerian artistes have songs to keep us in the mood anytime. It doesn’t matter if your heart is whole, broken, shielded or even hard. These songs will get you all lovey-dovey.

Here are my top 5 all-time Nigerian love songs.

  1. “Count on You” by Johnny Drille

I wanna wake up next to you
Watching your eyes as they open
Be a loving father, be your man
In your arms forever, my plan
The future is bright with you in sight
We go survive the crazy nights
You have my attention oh my love
I plan to give you more and more

Lyrics to Count on You

Tell me these lyrics aren’t melting your heart like an ice cream under the sun. It’s the intentionality in the lyrics for me. First time I heard it, I was really stressed but it got to me.

2. 2FACE – “African Queen

Just because, why not? This song is over 15 years old and it still manages to make women blush. This award-winning track is from the album, “Face 2 Face”. Composed and written by Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face, and produced by OJB Jezreel & the artist himself.

3. “Mad Over You” by Runtown

Who wouldn’t want someone mad over them? This song made most people wonder what ‘Shito’ was and how sweet it tasted. What’s unique about this song is how it makes you want to dance while you feel love crawling up your soul.

4. “Case” by Teni

This song explains the ‘Situationships” most people find themselves in these days. A girl is into a boy and she is willing to do anything for him but the boy has eyes for another girl. This song is relatable as it speaks about most people who go after what or who they want no matter what.

5. “Promise” by Adekunle Gold and Simi

I promise you, I will never give up on us
And I’ll ride with you ’til one hundred and forty four

Yup! This talented couple will make you want love with this special number.

Did your top love song make the list? Let us know.

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