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Vegan-friendly restaurants in Lagos

Thinking vegan? Check out these 5 Vegan-friendly restaurants in Lagos

Nigerians, generally, love their food to be stacked with meat and fish – typically called “proteins”. In fact, the amount of meat and fish you find in a plate of food can be synonymous with a sign of abundance or the lack of. Some people and cultures even take it a bit far; if a person is offered a meal without (or with very little quantity) of meat and/or fish, it is considered a sign of disrespect or disregard, as the case may be.

The love for meat and fish is visible across the country, from the roadside grill masters, also known as “cookies”, who have owned and served the famous “Suya” (grilled spicy fillet meat) to the pepper soup bars offering “point-and-kill” service; a process where the guest chooses the live fish they want to consume and the bartender kills and prepares it as fresh as they come.

However, when it comes to vegan recipes and options, it is almost as though the country has no answers for those seeking to indulge even though, a good number of the country’s food options can be classed as vegan recipes. Take yam or plantain for instance, or the numerous vegetables used in typical Nigerian soups. Nevertheless, the vegan movement in Nigeria has been slowly but steadily gaining momentum with more and more people, often with diaspora connections, driving awareness and providing vegan alternatives.

In a world where approximately 79 million people are identified as vegans, it is only a matter of time before the vegan culture in Nigeria gains a foothold. While the momentum is gathering, you can still find some restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria, that provide vegan options for their guests. Let’s walk through some of them.

R.S.V.P, Victoria Island

R.S.V.P is a New American restaurant and bar that serves a variety of menus and caters to vegan, vegetarians, and pescatarians alike. They have great salad options, and you can have a purely vegan three-course meal in a beautiful environment. Curious about them? Check them out at No. 9, Eletu Ogabi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


This is a Pan-Asian restaurant with an organic blend of cuisines, culture & service from all over Asia mixed with a unique blend of western music & signature cocktails, Shiro is the ultimate dining or late-night experience. They serve an extensive vegan menu as well for both dine-in and contact-free delivery services.

Foodtown Restaurant

For my Mainland folks, find this vegan restaurant at 27 Onuoluwapo street, Alapere Ketu. They have a distinct vegan menu as well and can cater to people with delicate palates.


They provide a wide range of healthy snacks for Vegetarians. They also have gluten-free and Keto/ Low carbs snacks for people in that category. These guys have carved a niche for themselves in healthy snacking, and we love to see it! You can place your orders at

Taj Mahal Restaurant

Also located on the Mainland at 18 Ade Akinsanya Avenue, Off Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, they serve a unique fusion of Indian and Chinese spice.

There you have it! You can also get some interesting vegan recipes on Talku Talku, and here is a very interesting one

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