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The Joyful Cook on how to make Fried Cabbage

Hello, Talku Talku foodies! There is no love more sincere than the love for food. We will be showcasing an exceptional food vendor today and she is none other than ‘The Joyful Cook’. She also doubles as a food blogger on YouTube where she teaches her audience how to make numerous delicacies. We will be learning how to make fried Cabbage from her today. I particularly love veggies because of how nutritious they are. It is very advisable to incorporate vegetables into your meals often. Let’s get started.




Beef sausage

Red bell pepper

Green bell pepper

Medium-sized onion


Scotch bonnet pepper


Chicken seasoning

1 teaspoon of Cajun seasoning

1 teaspoon of smoked paprika

Prep time: 7 minutes| Cook time: 20 minutes| Difficulty: Easy


  • So, you get started by cutting your bacon into bits. You can use the normal bacon or the turkey bacon but normal bacon gives you a wonderful flavor that you won’t want to miss out on.
  • Take your non-stick pan and place it on medium heat. Do not put any oil in it. Add your cut bacon to your skillet and fry for 10 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes for it to get crispy, but fry for about 7 minutes before you add your sausage to it. Don’t worry, we are not at that stage yet. While you are frying your bacon, move on to prepare your vegetables.
  • Chop your cabbage but remove the core before slicing. Cut into thick slices and set aside.
  • Cut your beef sausage into bits but you can remove the skin before chopping. Some people don’t remove the skin before chopping and that’s still okay.
  • Chop your onions, green and red bell pepper into strips. Because I love onions, I will use a big onion bulb when I get to try mine. Also, chop your shallot and scotch bonnet pepper and set aside.
  • Go back to your bacon which should be about 7 minutes into frying. By now, the fat would have melted. Add your beef sausage to the bacon and fry for about 3 minutes before taking it off the pan.
  • You should still have some oil in the pan from your bacon, fry your onions, shallot, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, and onions.
  • Add some garlic paste and chicken seasoning powder or cube. ‘The Joyful Cook’ didn’t use any salt in this recipe because the sausage, bacon, and seasoning powder contain salt. The salt in them will suffice.
  • Then, add your smoked paprika seasoning and Cajun seasoning to the mix and stir properly
  • Add your chopped cabbage and cover with a lid. Mix it thoroughly and allow to simmer for about 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, add your stir-fried bacon and beef sausage.
  • Mix and take off the heat.

Your fried Cabbage is ready to be served and eaten. We have come to the end of our time with The Joyful Cook. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel on The Joyful Cook and follow her on Instagram @thejoyfulcook. It was nice hanging out with you all today. I had a wonderful time. I also hope you have an awesome week.

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Moyo Olorunsola

Moyo is a linguist who loves writing and uses her platform to encourage others to stay active and positive with their health, food and wellness tips.

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