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Tech Layoffs Have Entered the Nigerian Plain

If you plan to vote, you’re either done with the process or still awaiting your turn at the polling units.

Now, as I was curating this roundup, I saw various news from various channels. It reminded me that there are a lot of opportunities outside of social media.

In fact, that was the focus of one of our blog articles for the week.

Anyway, before you click to read more on the topic, browse through the weekly creative roundup I curated to keep yourself updated on recent happenings.

The Tech Layoffs Now Affecting Nigeria

Many Nigerian tech workers have been affected by recent layoffs caused by the global tech downturn. The amount of talent pouring back into the labour market makes it difficult for laid off workers to find new roles. In addition, many have had to adjust from lifestyles previously supported by tech salaries they no longer have. Nigeria’s ailing economy worsens the situation. Nigeria has experienced recessions twice in the past eight years, and the naira is predicted to lose 20% of its value this year.

Source: Rest Of The World

Netflix and Amazon at Battle in Nigeria 

In early August 2022, Amazon Prime Video launched a localised version of its streaming service in Nigeria, Prime Video Naija, to compete with Netflix, a dominant streaming platform in Nigeria.

Now, MTN Nigeria has teamed up with Amazon to offer Prime Video Mobile Edition to its subscribers in Nigeria. The product is a single-device, mobile-only subscription, giving MTN customers access to Prime Video’s entire catalogue of 9,000+ movies and 1,500+ TV shows. There is also a special package for signing up and even free trials.

Source: Vanguard Nigeria

Salesforce Web 3 Helps Brands Build NFT Programs

Maybe NFTs aren’t losing their charm yet. Salesforce had a limited release of Salesforce Web3 on March 15. The platform will help companies create, manage, and deploy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a trusted, scalable, and sustainable way. In addition, the service will allow brands to connect with their customers in a whole new way by integrating their Customer 360 with Web3 data to help brands understand how customers interact with their brands across traditional and emerging digital environments.

Source: Coin Telegraph

GPT-4 is 500X More Powerful Than the Previous ChatGPT

GPT-4 is a new version of the world changing GPT 3.5, popularly known as ChatGPT. It uses different and numerous modules to analyse image and text inputs, 500X better than its predecessor. In a demo made by its president, Greg Brockman, GPT-4 might also be able to create websites from image prompts.

Although this last feature is currently not available on the platform, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can test its capabilities, and developers who want to incorporate the multimodal model into their tools can join the API waitlist.

Source: Nairametrics

Naspers Shuts Down South Africa’s Largest VC Fund

Africa’s most valuable company by market capitalisation, Naspers, has shut down its venture capital fund Naspers Foundry to scale down its operations.  However, the Foundry will maintain the investments it has made, which includes other startups.Since its launch in 2019, Naspers Foundry has funded over nine startups to over R740 million (~$40 million).

Source: TechCabal


And that’s the roundup! Which one gripped you the most?

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