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Style by Dolaapo

Q&A session with Style by Dolaaapo on Fashion Influencing in Nigeria

Adedolapo Awoniyi, popularly known as Style by Dolaaapo, is a Nigerian Fashion Blogger, author of “The Art of Fashion Influencing”, Digital Creator, and Content Creator. She has successfully worked with over sixty brands in the fashion space, and she’s wearing these hats whilst obtaining her Ph.D. at the University of Ibadan.

Can we meet you?

My name is Awoniyi Adedolapo Oluwadamilola. I am a Fashion Influencer, Ph.D. student, and author of “The Art of Fashion Influencing”.

What does it mean to be a fashion influencer in the Nigerian Fashion Industry?

It means you create fashion-related content for designers, thereby solving three major problems;

 1. Awareness for the brand and their fashion items or products

2. Create a market for the item you are creating content around.

3. Giving the brand a new outlook based on the content you create for them

Who or what made you decide that you wanted to be a Fashion Influencer?

My love for fashion and other fashion bloggers I saw like; Noble Igwe, Theronkefella, and finally, the desire to interpret fashion my own way.

Are there differences between fashion influencing in Nigeria, and fashion influencing in other parts of the world?

There is a whole lot of difference when it comes to how they are appreciated. Fashion influencers in other parts of the world are paid better, treated better by brands, and there are laws enforced concerning content created by fashion influencers in other parts of the world that protect their content.

You authored a book on Fashion Influencing, “The Art of Fashion Influencing”. Can you walk me through your journey as an author? 

It was during the Covid-19 pandemic. I organized a WhatsApp class on the art of fashion influencing, and I decided to document all that I taught the students that registered.

I highlighted the meaning of fashion influencing; who a Fashion Influencer is, how to create amazing content, how to stand out in the midst of numerous fashion influencers, how to collaborate with other creatives, how to build your Instagram page to work for you as an influencer, how to attract brands to work with me as an influencer, and finally, how to create a rate card as an influencer.

How would you introduce your brand to someone who has never heard about you?

Normally, I dress or look fashion-forward anytime I step out of the house, or when I am going to work. When people ask me about what I do, I tell them I’m a fashion influencer then direct them to my Instagram page.

Why are you passionate about fashion?

I love fashion, and I think fashion is life.

How do you think Influencer Marketing is going to change the fashion game in years to come?

In so many ways. By creating content for fashion brands, fashion influencers are able to create awareness for big and upcoming brands, create more jobs in the fashion industry, generate more revenue, educate brands about what they need to grow their brand, and expand the fashion industry. And in years to come, the fashion influencing market will be a gold mine.

What 3 things does anyone just starting out in this industry need to know?

  1. The meaning of fashion, fashion influencing, and who a fashion influencer is.
  2. An active Social media account, and how to engage with your followers.
  3. The passion and technical know-how of what Fashion influencing entails.

What would you do differently if you were just starting in your industry now?

 I would network more with creatives in the fashion industry.

You can reach Dolapo on Instagram @style_by_dolaaapo, and get inspired as well.

Adeola Adegbite

With a degree in Law and background experience in providing administrative support and project management, Adeola is a friendly team player who is quick to learn and approaches tasks with creativity and ingenuity.

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