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Creative Roundup

Meta Reveals Insight Into Nigerian Shoppers During Ramadan

Though the Nigerian presidential election seems to overwhelm most social media spaces, it is still important to plug into the latest creative developments and stay up to date!

Without further ado, here are the top 5 happenings that made it to our weekly creative roundup.

1. Apple Patents For A Buttonless Foldable Device

Apple’s new patent is driving for electronic devices to have touch-sensitive control areas on every surface, including the back and the side walls. In addition, there would be no buttons.

They plan to be able to create a phone that can fold more than once and still be able to receive input everywhere. It is a significant change in direction from most phones, including iPhones. However, it is an invention that could be well-appreciated if done well.

Source: Creative Bloq

 2. Meta Reveals Insight Into Nigerian Shoppers During Ramadan

Meta has revealed the results of its global consumer research, conducted in partnership with YouGov, an international public opinion and data company. The study had more than 18,000 respondents from 12 countries, including Nigeria.

This report exposes a lot of patterns that businesses and creators could use to increase sales, connect with their Muslim community and more during Ramadan.

Source: The Guardian

3. TikTok’s Latest Monetization Tool: Creativity Program Beta

The TikTok Creativity Program Beta is an invite-only program designed to help creators monetize their content and unlock more opportunities. It is currently available in only three countries, but there are plans to expand once the endeavour is fruitful.

Invited creators must create and publish high-quality, original content to start earning. An essential requirement is that the videos are longer than one minute.

Source: Search Engine Journal

4. The Nigeria Prize for Literature 

This is an annual literature prize sponsored by Nigeria LNG to honour the author of a winning book by a Nigerian. The award rotates among four genres for themes each year: prose fiction, poetry, children’s literature and drama. This year’s competition is for drama. All authors are invited to write a great story and apply. The deadline is the 31st of March.

Source: Eventbrite

5. Call for Fashion Designers and Exhibitors

Fashions Finest Africa seeks talented fashion designers to showcase their collections at their fashion show. Interested fashion designers and exhibitors can showcase their pieces on the runway or sell their products to a large audience. The Fashions Finest Africa Epic Show is taking place on the 3rd and 4th of June, 2023.

The Epic Show is a two-day event showcasing and celebrating new and emerging African fashion entrepreneurs.

Source: Amx Africa


That is it for this week. You can harness the opportunities highlighted or share them with your network, who may need them.

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Angel Umez

With an aim to be a top gun in the marketing world, Angel creates diverse forms of content to connect brands with their customers. She is also adept at creating content strategies, especially for creative, marketing, product and tech brands. Known as the “Fashionable Parrot”, she’s an avid reader and an SDG advocate.

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