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Naija soup: how to make Miyan Taushe

Hello, Talku Talku foodies! I’m excited to have you on this episode of Naija Soups. Our lunch inspiration for the day is Miyan Taushe. Miyan Taushe is a Northern soup that can be served with Tuwo Shinkafa or Masa (Waina).



Habanero peppers2

large Tomatoes1

large Onion bulb2

Cooking Spoons of palm oil

Smoked Fish

A handful of peanuts2

Tablespoons of Crayfish

2 Handfuls of chopped Spinach or green vegetable

½ Large peeled and chopped pumpkin leave

Salt Seasoning cubes

Your Miyan Tuashe is ready to eat and you can serve this with Tuwo Shinkafa or Masa. You could also serve this soup with any swallow of your choice.

Moyo Olorunsola

Moyo is a linguist who loves writing and uses her platform to encourage others to stay active and positive with their health, food and wellness tips.

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