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How to create an animated video

Creating a video that tells your story and your brand story is a priceless marketing and branding strategy for your persona and business. The good thing about this is that you don't have to be an animation guru to create a bespoke animated video.

It is no longer news that video is the superior marketing vehicle. Some marketers or business owners are wondering why they should engage in creating animation videos for their business.

Before I delve into the whys and hows of video animation, I would love to ask you. What type of content do you consume mostly on social media? Texts? Images? Audios? Or videos?

The attention span of an average person is 10-30 seconds. Social media is often blamed for people’s short attention span. However, it could be turned the other way around. People’s short attention span modifies the way we communicate on social media. In fact, in our shaped-by-smart phone world, consumers value immediacy, relevance, and convenience.

Why should you create an animation video?

  1. Your targeted audience watch videos more than they read texts or view images:
    • 92% of B2B prospects consume videos online.
    • 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. It means that when a user is searching for how to learn new things or get something done, they rely on video content.
    • About one-third of shoppers will purchase products after viewing video ads.
  2. Videos help you grow faster: Businesses using videos grow 49% faster than those that don’t.
  3. Videos get more attention than other forms: People remember 95% of messages delivered in video forms and 10% of messages delivered in texts.
  4. Videos get shared more than other multimedia: Video posts get shared 1200% more on social media than image and text posts.
  5. Videos are useful and fit everywhere: Animation video is known to improve the conversion rate of the homepage, product pages, landing pages, and even emails that are not left behind.

Creating a video that tells your story and your brand story is a priceless marketing and branding strategy for your persona and business. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to be an animation guru to create a bespoke animated video. If you are able to read this article, you should be able to create an animated video.

How to create animated videos on your smartphone or computer.

Creating an animation video has never been so easy. Hundreds of platforms now allow people to create different kinds of animation videos and download them for free. I have helped you curate the 5 best platforms that allow you to create your animation video for free using their ready-made templates.

  1. Renderforest: is an animated video maker that creates slideshows, logo animations, and explainer business videos. The platform is free to use and users can produce and export their videos for free. However, the free video is usually of low quality and it is watermarked. Renderforest videos can be used to promote a business and its products in a professional and engaging way. It is completely free to use and anyone can register as a user in a few simple steps. Users can create, export, and share them through social networks or the web.
  2. Biteable: is a video-making solution designed to help marketers, HR representatives, agencies, and entrepreneurs create animated videos for Facebook and Instagram advertisements, cartoons, commercials, presentations, and more using customizable templates. Biteable puts the power of video in your hands. Regardless of budget and skills, it helps you create professional videos in minutes.
  3. Moovly: This platform provides a cloud-based platform (SaaS) that enables users to create and generate multimedia content: animated videos, video presentations, animated infographics, and any other video content that includes a mix of animation and motion graphics. Moovly is easy to use and quick to learn. Its versatility allows it to create beautiful creations in minutes and without special knowledge of video editing. 
  4. Windows Movie Maker: This app is a well-established video editing platform, which provides businesses with the essential tools for making videos. With an easy-to-use interface, Windows Movie Maker helps users edit videos, add text, and post on a social media channel or onto a website.
  5. Explee: This is the application that allows you to create powerful and efficient animated videos. Captivate your audience by going straight to the point. The whiteboard style called “whiteboard animation” or “video scribing“ is an efficient way to simply explain an idea, a project, or a complex notion.

To enjoy the complete features of the tools above, the user must subscribe to the plan that works best for them. If you have zero animation budget, you could still make use of the platforms, but you should be okay with the watermarks and the quality of the videos.

Here at Talku Talku, we believe that every individual and business has a story that explains their journey. We also believe that every story is unique and must be told creatively. Our in-house video creators and animators can create animation videos that tell your story and engage with your targeted audience with a high conversion rate as the end goal. Get in touch with our in-house expert, and lets us bring life to your message in a creative way.

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