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The Sit-down: Folake Rolat-Abiola talks about her “seriously unserious” approach to creativity

Folake, also known as Folake Rolat-Abiola“4lake That Copywriting Chick” is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Mass Communication. She has been doing this for the better part of five years now.”Basically, my job entails the creation of persuasive copy, engaging, entertaining, and educative content and messages that would propel a brand’s target audience to carry out an action,” Folake says of her job.

Folake Rolat-Abiola has always loved engaging people in some way or the other, that’s why she studied Mass Communication, to better understand how. During her time as an undergraduate, she discovered that copywriting could be the stone that helps her kill two birds with one stone: help her live and enjoy her passion and help her pockets get bigger.

I felt, “why not create magic for brands while nourishing thy bank account, oh Folake?” she says. Since she started on this path, she has not only built a loyal following for her personal brand but has gained the trust of quite a number of small and medium scale businesses.

In case you missed it, fellow parrot, Chima Umeh-Saboyo, showcased her copywriting, entrepreneurship and good vibes.

Enjoy the sit-down hosted by Phateema!

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