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CDcare NG: Solving the problem of outright retail shopping

CDcare NG is also unique in that they don't sell items outright. Buyers shopping on their platform must be people who are looking to buy things they need but may not be able to save up for.

Here on Talku Talku Business, we love to throw the spotlight on unique solution-based businesses when we’re not learning about the world of work and business together with you. So far, the feedback has been great and inspiring. We’re always stoked to go out and search for these businesses for our audience.

It’s 39 days to Christmas – the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year – and we’re already in the Christmas shopping season. That is why in today’s business Monday feature, we’re looking at a very unique solution to your shopping needs. Ever wanted the opportunity to pay for something in instalments? I know I have.

As a salary earner, it kills me that I have to gather money at once to pay for something I want or need. The pressure sometimes gets to me and I just forget about buying that thing totally. Then I find myself going for long without something that could’ve made my life a lot easier.

This is a luxury that developed countries have. Anybody can own anything as far as they have traceable accounts. CDcare NG has brought that service to us in Nigeria. Like their promo video rightly puts it; “In a world where salaries are paid monthly, just like in developed countries, you should be able to pay for items purchased on a monthly basis too.”

CDcare NG is a product of EMAXIE Limited, a computer hardware solutions provider, located at 12, Adenekan Street, Somolu, Lagos, Nigeria. The platform operates as a marketplace where sellers of different appliances converge to advertise their goods to buyers. They take the utmost care to ensure that the sellers on their platform are trustworthy and that’s why they’ve had so many positive testimonials to date.

On the CDcare NG platform, buyers can shop for home appliances and gadgets ranging from cooking appliances to smartphones and pay in instalments. These instalments start from 4 weeks to 12 months for the buyer. CDcare NG is also unique in that they don’t sell items outright. Buyers shopping on their platform must be people who are looking to buy things they need but may not be able to save up for.

These buyers sign up on CDcare NG’s platform, choose their instalment plan and pay their instalments – all at zero interest rates – until the payment period elapses. After the buyer has paid 50% of their instalment fee, they will have their item shipped to them by CDcare NG for a fee. The buyer also has the option to go to CDcare NG’s physical location to pick up their item.

Buyers who default on their payments before the time elapses won’t have their items delivered. Those who do after the item is delivered (those who have paid 50% of the item’s price) will have to contend with CDCare NG’s legal team. This product is a lifesaver and should make a world of difference going into the new decade. With remote work being the future, there’ll be a need in many Nigerian homes for home appliances that can make life easier.

I wouldn’t want to worry about spending too much time doing my laundry by hand when I have deadlines to meet. If I couldn’t afford a washing machine before, all I have to do is sign up on CDCare and after a few weeks, I’d own one and my work-from-home life will be more efficient!

The CDcare NG model is built on trust: trust between the seller and the buyer, with CDcare NG acting as the surety for both.They also process all payments with Paystack which gives the product increased legitimacy as Paystack is one of the most trusted businesses in Nigeria.

Now you can start making moves to buy that new television you want to get for Christmas or that new washing machine, or even that new monitor to allow you work better in 2021 by signing up on CDcare NG and choosing an instalment plan.

Are you also thinking of getting a phone, a laptop, or even a PlayStation console as a gift for someone this Christmas? Now you have a safe option to buy it without breaking the bank and going broke in January. Save yourself the stress of Christmas shopping and maximise the time spent having fun and enjoying the season with your family. Choose an instalment plan on CDcare NG for your shopping needs and enjoy convenience.

How to shop on CDcare NG

Visit the CDcare NG website’s FAQ section to learn how. You can also follow them on Twitter – @CDcareNG and Instagram – to keep up with their latest offerings and to learn more about them.

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