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Begging Question

Begging Question: Do the working class dislike the wealthy and privileged?

It is quite easy to hate the rich and privileged, especially in Nigeria, because they seem to be living their best lives, and look out of touch with the reality of the masses. But can this hate be justified?

Where does my begging question spring from? Well, if you spend a lot of time on social media, you probably would notice a pattern where it seems people – especially the working class – have a thing or two against the rich and wealthy. The reason for this, mostly, is because they are perceived to be out of touch with reality. Is there some substance to it or is hating the rich just a national pastime?

According to a research done by the Persianas Group, Nigeria’s growing middle class accounts for, approximately, 23% of the population and is estimated to have a combined buying power in excess of US$28 billion. With about 50% of the population living in poverty, that leaves only 27% of the population living in wealth.

While Nigeria is known for its richness in crude oil, corruption, unemployment and inequalities have destroyed the nation’s economic framework. Thus, contributing to making the country the poverty capital of the world. This has, in turn, caused the populace to be angry, agitated and frustrated.

Most people couldn’t care less what anyone else got, as long as it doesn’t affect them, but some folks need an outlet for their anger and the wealthy and privileged seem befitting.

On this week’s Begging Question, I’d like to hear your thoughts: Do the working class dislike the wealthy and privileged?

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Phateemah A

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About the Author

About the Author

6 thoughts on “Begging Question: Do the working class dislike the wealthy and privileged?”

  1. It’ll always be like that unfortunately. Rich people are used to a certain way of life. They can’t relate with us broke people and vice versa. That alone will always create a rift, and because the poor people are more, it’ll seem like we can’t stand them.

    Take the #SaveIkoyi nonsense that’s going on now for instance. Both parties just need to show empathy towards each other and it’ll go a long way.

    Not end it, because some people whether poor or rich are just evil, but it’ll solve a lot.

  2. Well I think that we should exchange the word dislike for “envy”. I think it’s quite natural to envy what you don’t have or rather in this case, what you’re striving to get. Although envy can turn into dislike quickly, I think the initial feeling is envy. I’m working towards something but this particular person or set of persons have it, they don’t have to struggle to get it like I am doing so it’s quite natural to want to be in that position, i think it becomes dislike when :(1)jealousy sets in,(2) there’s abuse of privileges on the part of the wealthy folks,(3) there’s unhealthy and unnecessary segregation by the society between the working and the wealthy.

  3. I will say 60% do but then it’s not worth the hate.

    Instead of hating, I think they should put that energy into working smart and hard themselves to make their own money.
    My dia, your hate will not make the rich go poor o, work for your money and stop hating.

    And also to the wealthy, treat people well, don’t look down on people.

    I love this topic, so thoughtful.
    Well done Phateemah

  4. For me it’s natural to envy what you don’t have and I have nothing against it but in Nigeria the question isn’t if the middle class hate the rich but why won’t you hate the rich when they influence policies that perpetually keep the middle class poorer. In this case , I think envy is only natural.

    All in all, work hard and smart for your money and one day you will be among the rich class

  5. Not necessarily though. But I think it’s something they think about every now and then. Crazy how some people have it all but then you have to literally go corporate Monday to Friday break your back

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