Bants n’ Vibes Episode 15: BB Naija

Big Brother Nigeria (BB Naija) is a reality TV show that came into its inception in 2006 with 14 housemates. The first show lasted for 92 days with a $100,000 prize won by Katung Aduwak. The prizes have increased over the years thanks to the massive reception and income made by the show.

  • The second prize was a brand new Kia Sorento SUV and N25 million naira in cash.
  • Third prize – N45 million worth of prizes
  • Fourth prize – N60 million worth of prizes
  • Fifth prize – N85 million worth of prizes

The new season has been announced and the prize to be won is N90 million worth of prizes to be won. This is where the Bants n’ Vibes for today takes its inspiration. Let’s listen to Chima, The Blue Parrot, Phateemah DIY Parrot, and our newest Bants n’ Vibes feature, Aminu, The Dauntless Parrot. See the video below.

If you missed the last episode, click here

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