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Police Brutality

Bants n’ Vibes Episode 10: Police Brutality (#EndSARS)

It’s a good day for Bants n’ Vibes!

Over the past few weeks, Nigerian youths in Lagos have rekindled protests both on and offline. This time, the protests are against the reopening of the Lekki toll gate, the venue of the 20.10.2020 shootings by members of the Nigerian Army.

While the world watches, we remember how much police brutality really affects everyone. Ifunanya, our Editor and very bright Yellow Parrot tells us of her experiences with the Nigerian police in today’s episode of Bants n’ Vibes.

Watch the video below:

Police wahala. When will it end?

Anyway, if you missed the last episode of Bants n’ Vibes, click here to watch it.

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See you in the next video!”

Chima Umeh-Saboyo

A half-baked Geologist and anime lover with a huge bias towards upcoming creatives and the start-up culture.

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