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Creative Gist: Work-a-thon: What are the Longest Hours you Have Worked on a Project?


Every creative has a tale to share in the bustling realm of creativity and innovation. A story of tireless dedication, sleepless nights, and a relentless pursuit of perfection and excellence. As we gather around, four passionate creatives step into the spotlight to recount their journeys through the most prolonged hours they’ve ever worked on a project-their personal work-a-thons.

This topic is not a celebration of exhaustion or a glorification of overwork; instead, it explores the depth of commitment and love these individuals have for their craft.

From music to literature, mixology to academic pursuits, we share the personal  experiences.

Gweke Josh

 Music Artist

Well, it depends. On a long-term project or a short-term project. Cause I've done a lot of things, to be honest. But the longest I have worked is about 11 hours. It was for a song I made early this year

Okutepa Princess Ojoma


Umm, months, and that's because I procrastinate a lot and don't really get the work done immediately. Sometimes, I can take a few months to finish the work.

Crystal Sarah Dabang

Digital Marketer/Content Writer

My longest work time is 13 hours. I had an emergency book review to lead and a book and its sequel to finish before the next day.

Duke Elijah


Hmmm, if I can remember vividly, six hours. I was working on creating a new cocktail. I'm a mixologist, so I make experiments from time to time. But this particular one, I spent six hours on


Knowing the lengths to which creatives are willing to go to breathe life into their projects inspires appreciation. Their stories transcend time and space, resonating with creatives across generations and industries.

While their journeys contain a lot of long hours and hard work, it is essential to remember that these accounts are not a rallying cry for an unhealthy work culture. The goal is not to romanticize the burnout or exhaustion accompanying passion-driven pursuits. Instead, these stories serve as a reminder of the power of human determination and the joy of pursuing one’s creative calling.

Finding a balance between passion and self-care is crucial, recognizing that creative brilliance often stems from a well-nourished soul. Moments of rest and rejuvenation are not signs of weakness but essential elements in the journey of creation. In those moments, inspiration can strike like a bolt of lightning, illuminating the path ahead.

So, as talents embarking on creative endeavours, may you be kind to yourself and embrace the ebbs and flows of the creative process. Remember that, in the longest hours, you can discover the depths of your passion and unleash the true potential of your craft.

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