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Wayne Samuel: Defying Conventions With Spoken Word Poetry

Wayne Samuel: Defying Conventions With Spoken Word Poetry

"My creativity starts with a spark. If there is no spark, I won't be able to do it. It has to excite me. There is something here people don't see. It starts with excitement. If I am excited about anything, whatever I write will be electrifying."

Wayne Samuel, a spoken word poet and illustrator, emerges as a fascinating mix of biological, physiological, and psychological aspects, deeply influenced by his experiences as an only child raised by a single mother. Wayne has travelled extensively during his formative years; his introspective and reclusive nature set him apart, even though he was known to many. Through spoken word poetry, he found his voice and purpose, captivating audiences with his unorthodox style and challenging societal norms. In this exclusive interview, Wayne Samuel shares his journey, inspirations, creative process, and challenges as he strives to become a platform of artistic value.

Finding His Voice: A Poetic Rebellion

wayne samuel

Wayne Samuel’s venture into spoken word poetry began during his campus fellowship days. He felt a sense of a “machine of sameness” around him, prompting a rebellious spirit that refused to conform to the crowd’s expectations. Wayne believes in positive destruction, offering innovative perspectives to his audience rather than adhering to the status quo. A self-proclaimed unorthodox Christian and poet, he constantly challenges himself to avoid becoming conventional.

For Wayne, spoken word poetry is akin to a one-way conversation, where he can eloquently express his side of the story. In a country known for vitality, Wayne finds comfort in the spoken word’s ability to communicate his viewpoint effectively. Nigeria’s strong oral tradition has cultivated a receptive audience, making the spoken word a powerful medium to connect with people who may need to be more avid readers.

“Spoken word poetry is like a one-way conversation, where you say your side of the story; I don’t like shouting contests, Nigerians are very loud, poetry allows me to express my point of view, people are not listening to you. Poetry has a way of me getting across what I want to say.

Spoken word is layman’s literature; we package it so that it is easy for the ordinary person; people don’t read, so it is easier with the spoken word; oratory is famous in Nigeria and is traditional; people are most likely to listen than read,” Samuel said.

Wayne Samuel - Don&#039t Die (Spoken Word Visual)
Wayne Samuel - Don't Die (Spoken Word Visual)
The VN - Wayne Samuel (Spoken Word Visual - V2)
The VN - Wayne Samuel (Spoken Word Visual - V2)
Wayne Samuel - The VN (Spoken Word Video)
Wayne Samuel - The VN (Spoken Word Video)

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Themes and Evolution of Wayne's Poetry

Wayne’s poetic topics have evolved in alignment with the seasons of his life. Initially delving into Christian ideology during his fellowship days, he later explored relationships and interpersonal struggles. Notably, he refrained from overtly discussing politics, believing that words alone cannot drive meaningful action. However, an inexplicable season of uncertainty inspired him to create poetry about Lagos traffic and the perplexing world around him, tapping into external influences for inspiration.

The Creative Process: From Spark to Execution

Wayne’s creative process starts with a spark of excitement, an idea that electrifies him. He emphasizes the importance of consuming valuable content, reading extensively, and venturing into less-explored territory to create unique and thought-provoking art. His poetry lays the foundation, and then he tailors illustrations to complement and enhance the spoken words, creating a cohesive artistic experience.

“My creativity starts with a spark. If there is no spark, I won’t be able to do it. It has to excite me. There is something here people don’t see. It starts with excitement. If I am excited about anything, whatever I write will be electrifying. I get people reaching out for me to do something for them. The brief has to have some excitement for me.

Next is to put pen to paper; Stephen King says you have to read a lot of art to write a lot; it has to have literal value, read a lot of books, and read what people are not reading to create what other people are not creating, consume content that has literal nutritional value you will write same. Thirdly find ways to execute,” he explained.

Balancing his full-time job with his passion for art poses a significant challenge for Wayne. Insomnia and the pressure to churn out social media-friendly content also add to the struggles. Wayne recognizes that his art might not appeal to everyone, as it encourages introspection in an age where social media often serves as an escape from reality.

Wayne has learned to balance his day job and artistic endeavours, setting boundaries to maintain productivity. Collaborating with professionals and creating effective communication systems have been essential in his successful partnerships. Looking to the future, Wayne dreams of producing a spoken word musical movie, and he yearns to work with streaming services like Amazon Prime to reach a broader audience.

Advice to Aspiring Creatives

Wayne advises aspiring artists to start from a place of excitement rather than trying to escape a situation. Embrace the extraordinary, expose yourself to new experiences, and pursue your passions relentlessly. For Wayne Samuel, artistic expression is not just a survival strategy but an avenue to transcend obscurity and become a platform of intrinsic artistic value.

“Just start, start from a place of excitement, not trying to escape a situation or from a survival mindset, be sure it is something you are excited about. Do it because you are great at it; survival might help initially. To do extraordinary things, expose yourself to extraordinary things,” he advised.

Inspiring Spoken Word

Wayne Samuel’s journey as a spoken word poet and illustrator exemplifies the power of defying conventions and staying true to one’s unique creative vision. From his reclusive upbringing to finding his poetic voice and pushing artistic boundaries, Wayne has become an inspiring figure in spoken word poetry. As he continues to evolve, he remains committed to carving out a space as an artistic platform, connecting with his audience through electrifying spoken word performances and captivating illustrations.


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