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spotlight on Jeannie Mai

‘The Real’ Host: Putting the spotlight on Jeannie Mai

Growing up, I always wanted to be on TV. I thought the only way I could achieve that was by being a News Caster so, I channelled all my energy into being one. Until one day, I stumbled on the host of Style Network’s “How Do I Look?”, Jeannie Mai, and I knew immediately that I could be so much more than a News Caster, and thus began my journey into creativity. So, today, as we celebrate women worldwide, I’d be putting the spotlight on Jeannie Mai.

Putting the spotlight on Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai is an American makeup artist, fashion expert, actress, and TV personality. She is one of the four-Emmy award-winning hosts of an American syndicated talk show, The Real.

Mai takes annual mission trips to Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. While abroad, she works with Heartbeat Vietnam, a nonprofit devoted to improving health care for impoverished children; and Night Light International, an organization committed to rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and prostitution rings by providing employment and vocational opportunities.

Mai is also deeply committed to supporting females who face obstacles in their careers. She is a supporter of Seven Bar, Dress for Success, Sister To Sister, P.A.T.H, Respect RX, and The Good Shepherd. As a popular stylist and fashionista, Mai also uses her recognition as a platform to promote fledgling female designers and entrepreneurs from around the world by wearing their designs on the red carpet and on “How Do I Look?”.

In 2010, she created a “Prayer Box” that she placed at Runyon Canyon, a popular hiking spot in Los Angeles. There, hikers are asked to leave a personal prayer and take another that has been left in the box. Using the term, “Pray it forward,” the box encourages visitors to open their eyes to the prayers of others; and share theirs to display the power of faith in action.


Jeannie Mai is popularly known as the “Wearapist”. This term comes from her psychology of style which she has calls “Wearapy”. This is her way of turning wardrobe style into life therapy choosing colors and textures specifically to empower your mood and influence your environment.

Rather than focusing on trends or labels, Jeannie teaches how color and textures in personal wardrobe choices can dramatically enhance a woman’s self-confidence and mood while transforming the environment of situations around her.

Jeannie believes that the simple swaps out of your everyday choices can have a longer-lasting effect on your mood and situations like; when dealing with depression, wearing crisp shades of white to refresh energy and restart life.

As a Wearapist, Jeannie also teaches women that life scenarios call for specific wearapy tactics to improve the outcome. Examples wearing emerald green to job interviews to convey financial strength and empowering change, purple for large group events for a feel of royalty and creativity, and textures of velvet or cashmere for romantic nights out.

“Colors, textures, and the way we reveal our body shape can enhance, reflect, and affect our every mood, emotion and thought. Fashion has the power to fuel our souls and create a specific audience of energy in our lives. Welcome to my psychology of style, this is wearapy.” – Jeannie Mai

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