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Does Technology Enhance or Dilute the Authenticity and Impact of Traditional Art Forms?


The interplay between technology and traditional art forms has ignited a thought-provoking discourse on whether technology enhances or dilutes their authenticity and impact. In a world increasingly enveloped by digital innovation, the sanctity of Art born from time-honoured methods faces a crossroads. While technology offers unprecedented tools and platforms for artistic expression, it also raises concerns about eroding the essence that defines traditional Art.

Creatives delve into the heart of this paradox, dissecting how technology’s embrace either magnifies or diminishes traditional art forms’ intrinsic value and potency.

Olumide Onadipe

Multimedia artist

Technology amplifies Art; it allows Art to reach a wider audience and see how work can grow. Everything has a disadvantage. The highest of tech- AI is shaping the future; it can never wipe away traditional influences, and it is not competitive. It is just like saying robots will replace human beings; it cannot replace them but can create dominance. You cannot compete with it. It will survive. Technology cannot scare traditional Art away.

Anayo Achike

Visual Artist

Technology makes things easier and better; I have been in meetings where I was asked to provide sketches, and with one or two mobile apps, my sketches are done instead of waiting to go back to the studio to look for a pencil and a sketch pad to draw. I do my best to leverage technology. You continue to learn till you leave this world. It helps Art and will not affect traditional Art in anyway.

Dolapo Ogunnusi


Technology has affected Art positively; looking at social media, artists using social media would attest to this. They have gotten more sales of their works and promotions through this medium. On like those days when we rely on galleries for deals and promotions of our Art. Even galleries share the advantage of the technology; they don't need ample space to operate again with the social media they do well on like before. Looking at another aspect, like getting references and information to work with, e.g. pictures and write-ups to back up once work. Technology has also linked artists in the diaspora with us here, creating a form of relationship among us.

Daniel Oruwhone

 visual artist

Technology/AI has done more good than harm for artists and the arts. For instance, with the help of technology and the internet (social media), I have participated in several international exhibitions, art symposiums and residencies. The internet has also been beneficial and becoming necessary as I engage a wider audience within and outside the shores of Nigeria and Africa.


In the nexus of tradition and technology, the essence of artistry stands resilient, for it is not the tools but the intent that ultimately shapes the authenticity and impact of art forms. The discourse on whether technology enhances or dilutes tradition is but a reflection of the broader human experience, an evolving narrative that adapts while preserving its core. As creatives move forward in an age where innovation converges with heritage, recognizing the intrinsic value of both is imperative. Ultimately, it is not a matter of technology versus tradition but of harmonizing their coexistence to forge a richer, more diverse artistic tapestry for future generations.

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