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Re-introducing the creativity behind the Talku Talku brand

Talku Talku
Talku Talku

Re-introducing the creativity behind the Talku Talku brand

Creatives have hacked this remote work-life a long time ago. From running freelancing profiles on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to selling their services via social media, remote work has been the go-to for creatives who couldn’t find a fitting in conventional working spaces.

Now that many offices have seen the need for creative teams and are making spaces for them in their offices, the world has started shifting towards remote work. This is the dream that creatives dreamt a long time ago coming to fruition.

The best thing about it all is that companies can now be fully remote if they choose to. And that is what Emmanuel had in mind when he started Talku Talku.

Emmanuel Ibok

Emmanuel, a.k.a. The Big Parrot is a lover of creatives and creativity despite being a numbers person. He has been running a personal blog where he shares his thoughts in form of poems and short stories that capture readers’ hearts for 11 years. This journey opened his eyes to how much the creative space has to offer.

Like many start-ups, Talku Talku has had its share of ups and downs. However, the team that Emmanuel has assembled is growing in leaps and bounds and is working together in order to achieve the brand’s aim of becoming the largest incubator of creative energy in Nigeria.

To achieve that goal, we create content across various categories and segments tailored specifically for creatives and those who, like Emmanuel, love creativity and may be interested in venturing into the field.

Talku Talku segments and the creators behind them

You’re reading this article under the Creative Showcase segment, which showcases the best-undiscovered creatives. The segment also showcases already established creatives but they’re not the main focus.

I’ve enjoyed working as the creator in that segment because it allows me to famz (get familiar) to my heart’s content. It’s also positioning Talku Talku as one of the most reliable websites to find out who has the potential to be big in the creative space.

I also handle the Short Tory (a podcast where short stories are read out and dramatised to help our audience relax) and Photography (a tribute to amazing photography, photographers. It’s also a resource for photography tips and tricks for both pros and rookies) segments.

 Talku Talku

The Sit-Down with Phateemah shows the laid-back side of the creatives featured in the showcase. Phateemah brings her energy and accomodating nature to that segment, giving the entirely virtual chat room a “couch” feel.

Phateemah also shares amazing technology tips for creatives to work more efficiently in the new remote world under the Technology segment. This has also made her our resident plug for productivity as it helps the team be better organized and efficient.

She’s also quite the chatterbox and loves to start discussions. Emmanuel gave her the chance to do so with the Begging Questions segment, where she asks questions ranging from deep and philosophical to utterly playful to interact with our audience. To thank people for entertaining her, she gives out gifts at random after each post too.

Fatima Ayefu

Because we all love food, and because food is the ultimate form of creativity, Deola comes through for the Foodies with amazing expose to the best food vendors around, great recipes, and solid restaurant plugs for people who love dining – from bistro to fine dining.

She also puts her legal training to use by helping creatives understand the legal side of creation in Talku Talku Legal Matters while showcasing her bias for fine arts (visual artists, painters, and sculptors) with her showcases of the best artists around via the Art segment.

Ifunanya is a romantic and all she creates are just like her. She loves to explore idealistic, realistic, and utopia-like scenarios, drawing from the daily lifestyle habits of people in her Lifestyle and Society segments. You can get lost in her world, and before you know it, you’re all mushy inside. That, or you’re like;

It’s always a real experience reading Ifunanya’s creations, I assure you. When she’s not being romantic, she’s bringing us (all Talku Talku creators) together for Bants n’ Vibes, where we answer questions that are playful and chill, for our audience to get to know and interact with us better.

Ifunanya Mbakogu

Our strategy is all for the advancement of creatives, and for the advancement of each of our creators as creatives in their own right. Nothing beats this feeling.

This team is growing, and it’s amazing how all of the work we do is fully remote. In subsequent showcases, we’ll be meeting each member of the team.

Also, if you believe in your potential as a creative, and want to reach more people, hit us up via our contact channels on the website, and you may just get featured!

Chima Umeh-Saboyo

A half-baked Geologist and anime lover with a huge bias towards upcoming creatives and the start-up culture.

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