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Naija Soup: How to make Miyan Zogale (Moringa Soup)

Hello, Talku Talku Foodies!I’m excited to have you on this episode of Naija Soups. We will not only be learning how to make Miyan Zogale soup, we will also be learning about the soup and where it originates from. Miyan Zogale which is also called Moringa soup originates from the Northern part of Nigeria. It is a soup that has groundnut as its base and is also prepared with Moringa leaves. These leaves are very nutritious.


½ kilogram of Meat

2 large bunch of Moringa Leaves

1 dried Fish3 Habanero Peppers

3 Tomatoes

1 Medium-sized Onion

1 tablespoon Yaji

1 tablespoon of Potash (Yorubas call this kaun)

1 ½ litres of Water

½ cup of Raw Shelled Groundnut

½ Flat Dawadawa

2cooking spoons of Palm Oil

3 Seasoning Cubes



  • Pick and wash your Zogale leaves properly.
  • Drain with a sieve and put the leaves in a saucepan and add ½ litres of water to it. Add kaun and boil for about 7 minutes.
  • Drain the water and set the leaves aside.
  • Chop your tomatoes and onions and set aside. Do not chop your habanero peppers, grind them and set aside.
  • Then you roast your groundnut for about 5 minutes. You can roast it by using a frying pan that has nothing in it. No oil or water. Allow it to cool, then peel the skin off it and blend till you get a smooth paste. Set this aside.
  • Wash your ½ kilogram of meat or any other meat of your choice. Pour your meat into a saucepan and add some of the chopped onions and some salt. Steam the meat for about 10 minutes before adding some water.
  • Then cook for another 15 minutes until the meat is tender. Wash your dried fish thoroughly and debone carefully. Add into the meat and cook for about 5 more minutes before taking off heat.
  • Add your palm oil into another saucepan and heat for about 2 minutes before adding your chopped tomatoes and the yaji pepper and fry for about 10 minutes.
  • Then add your groundnut paste to the mix.
  • Add your meat with the stock, ground dawadawa, yagi and seasoning cubes and stir and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Add your Zogale leaves and allow to cook for 4 minutes before taking off heat.

Your Miyan Zogale is ready to be served with any swallow of your choice. You can decide to have it without any swallow. I have been doing that lately. I have been taking my vegetables without any swallow. You could try that. This was fun to learn.

See you guys tomorrow.

Moyo Olorunsola

Moyo is a linguist who loves writing and uses her platform to encourage others to stay active and positive with their health, food and wellness tips.

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