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“Makeup is my first love. It’s my way of life.” Feyisoge’s journey into SFX artistry

While traditional makeup art makes us more attractive, hides flaws, and enhances beauty, What Feyisoge does as a Creative Makeup Artist is to transform people into frightening, injured, supernatural, or scary creatures.

Who is Feyisoge? Tell us a little about your background.

Feyisoge is a brand with its own entity. It is a makeup brand that caters for women from all walks of life. It was formerly called ‘Cyan Looks’, but I rebranded in 2017 to what is now known as ‘Feyisoge’. And while it’s safe to say the brand is 4 years old, I’ve been doing makeup professionally since 2016.

I started learning makeup in 2014 for myself. I was dealing with heartbreak and self-esteem issues so I wanted to learn how to look good to make myself feel better, and I was hoping he would come back lol. I went through 2 weeks of makeup artistry training, and that was when I realised how much I loved the art, so I decided to train further.

What does it mean to be an SFX Makeup Artist?

It means that you have an eye for a different form of art. You can see things way deeper than the surface level. An SFX artist, after being given a brief, sees a client and can picture exactly how the art should be done, how much the injury should be exposed, how much fake flesh should be used, the shade of blood to be used, and other descriptions. They have exceptional eyes for art, and there’s a little bit of science to it too – you’re recreating a bodily injury that has to look like actual tissue, blood and flesh.

You started off as a traditional makeup artist, how did you get into SFX?

I started as a traditional makeup artist, quite alright, but I don’t want to say I’ve fully gone into SFX as it is just a tiny piece in the game. Right from my childhood, I had always been the kind of person that liked to be exceptional at what I do. So when I started, I just wanted to be different. I got into body art and body painting at first before I started exploring all kinds of creative makeup artistry. To be honest, I don’t like to think of myself as an SFX artist. I prefer to call myself a Creative Makeup Artist. The goal is to flawlessly execute any look at any given time.

Getting into SFX wasn’t by accident. It was greatly influenced by my need to do something different from what every other person was doing, and I took on the challenge. I tried, put in efforts, and eventually, I picked a keen interest in it and started working hard at it. I wanted Feyisoge to stand out from every other makeup brand.

SFX Makeup is a big deal in the Western world, and it has an Oscar category. But here in Nigeria, it’s still a relatively new market. Are there differences between SFX artistry here and how it’s done in other parts of the world?

SFX is a huge deal in Hollywood, but here, there are very few SFX artists. As it is, I don’t think there are up to 20 exceptional ones in Nigeria.

SFX in Nigeria is quite limited considering the resources available for it. The products that we use are imported and not made in Nigeria, so we have to import most of the products we use, and paying for them is expensive. Some brands don’t even ship to Nigeria directly. Unlike regular makeup kits – you to can enter any store to buy powder -, SFX products have to be ordered online, and you’ll be paying through your nose.

As a result, the margin between here and there is very wide in terms of SFX artistry. We are forced to improvise – most of the products they have access to are not available here. This makes us so unique that when SFX artists leave Nigeria, they do well as they’ve learnt how to work with limited resources.

Do you think there’s a market for it in Nigeria?

Definitely, but you have to take your time, and be good at it before you can get noticed. There’s a big market for it because this particular industry is not saturated yet, and Nollywood always needs SFX artists.

Why are you passionate about Makeup artistry?

Makeup is my first love. It’s my way of life. Because I was recovering from heartbreak and low self-esteem when I started, I always want to make people look and feel good. It is one of the things that keep me going. I cannot back down now as makeup has become a way of life for me. I’m also very artistically inclined, and makeup artistry is how I can give expression to my creative side,

What are the favourite projects you’ve worked on?

Back in 2019, I did SFX makeup on Simi and Adekunle Gold, and that was pretty exciting. Also, there are some movie projects I’ve worked on that I’m pumped about – projects like ‘The Wait’, which is coming out in the cinemas by 30th of April, and ‘King of Boys 2’ – that’s like my ultimate favourite project -, and ‘Ayinla’ – a movie directed by Tunde Kelani.

What’s your dream project?

To work on set in Hollywood. That’s will be my biggest dream coming true.

What 3 things does anyone starting in this industry need to know?

  1. Never compare your journey to anyone else’s. That the person is at a particular point doesn’t mean you wont get there too. Comparison is a thief of joy.
  2. Enjoy every process you go through. When you’re at a point where all you can charge is N1000, enjoy it. When you start charging N5000, enjoy it, and when your flat rate becomes N20,000, enjoy it. Don’t despise your days of little beginnings.
  3. Don’t think that the talent you have is yours or a result of any human effort you have put in. God is the giver of gifts and talents. Whatever you do, do it to the His glory.

What would you do differently if you were starting your industry now?

First, I’d save more. Secondly, I would be supportive of other artists in the industry, and see them as collaborators and not competitors. Although things are different now, and makeup artists are being supportive of each other, I wish I had started doing that earlier. Lastly, ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is a real thing, I wish I had dealt with it earlier in my career.

If you had a chance to make a different choice, would you still choose SFX artistry?

Yes, of course! I don’t plan to do just SFX artistry and scrap the rest. My plan is to be an all round Creative Artist. So yes! SFX will still be a part of what I do.

Check out @feyisoge on Instagram and @feyisoge on Twitter!

Adeola Adegbite

With a degree in Law and background experience in providing administrative support and project management, Adeola is a friendly team player who is quick to learn and approaches tasks with creativity and ingenuity.

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