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Creative Gist: What Key Lessons Have You Learned From Failed Projects?

Failure is inevitable when you need to grow and progress. The most crucial thing about failed projects is that we learn from them. As we have seen from numerous successes, rejection is not the end of success.

Failed projects happen for numerous reasons: lack of preparation, client issues, technological difficulties, skill gaps and more. To do the same thing over and again and expect a different result is insanity.

So we met 5 creatives to ask them, “What key lessons have you learnt from failed projects?”

Failed Projects

Ojo Temitope

BI Analyst

The outstanding lesson I have learned is that communication is different from assimilation. Just because you think you communicated clearly doesn’t mean the rest of the team understood the message.
I also learnt that it’s difficult to delegate and hand off completely. There should be measures with reasonable deadlines to check work progress.

Comfort Omovre

Digital Creator

I’ve learned that:
- some things just won’t work out. Not because you haven’t given it your best, but because it’s simply not a good fit, and that’s all right. There is time for everything, and if you do the right thing at the wrong time, it’s just not going to work out.
- preparation is necessary before you begin. However, if you spend too much time “preparing”, you’re going to lose your momentum. Often than not, the fastest way to learn is by doing.
Most importantly, I’ve learned how to win, by failing. Because once you realise the ways it won’t work, the ways to succeed simply become clearer.

Dayo Lasekan

Architect and illustrator

First of all, I always have a contract. A contract that clearly states milestones. Because some clients tend to leave in between or try to play smart or add a lot of things that are way different from what we initially agreed on. So having something that is written, a document, really helps a lot. I have learned to have written documents to back up set agreements.

Anael Ogoniba

Social Worker/Content creator/Songwriter

Well, the project may not be considered a failure if we know how to learn, use our new knowledge and rechannel the project to the right audience. It is important to critically analyse your audience/clients' response to previous projects before preparing for a new one.

Chimaobi Olayinka Ahuekwe

Script and story writer / Movie Critic

To rethink my strategy, learn from my mistakes and do it better. I make mistakes every day. But the most important lesson is that I keep moving and improving.


These creatives have given some note-worthy lessons that we can definitely earn from. Personally, there are quite a number of take-homes from this episode of the Creative Gist.

Experience is the best teacher, and learning from others’ experiences gives you a full package.

What lessons did you learn from any of your failed projects?

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