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Creative Gist: How do you Stay Inspired to Generate new Creative Ideas?


Just like a melody that keeps playing in your head, generating new creative ideas is both exhilarating and essential for artists, designers, and innovators alike.

Do you feel like your imagination has run dry, and nothing new is coming to mind? Uncommon. Sometimes, it takes a unique approach or perspective to reignite your creative spark.

Whether you’re seeking that burst of inspiration or trying to overcome a creative block, we’ve gathered insights from fellow creatives to help you stay inspired and ignite your imagination.

Halima Usman

Software Developer | Devops Engineer

Two powerful things I draw my inspiration from are nature and my emotions. I love nature and am always humbled when surrounded by her. It's the feeling of oneness that guides me. It's like I feel what she feels and hear what she hears. With my emotions, I go with the flow and write whatever my heart speaks to me. It's always filling and remarkable, honestly.

creative ideas

Precious Akor

Creative Virtual Assistant/Creative Strategist

As a content strategist, staying inspired to generate new creative ideas is crucial for consistently producing fresh, engaging content. Here are some strategies I employ to maintain inspiration:

a) Continuous Learning: I consciously stay informed and updated about my niche's latest trends, industry developments, and emerging technologies. Continuously learning helps me stay ahead of the curve and fuels my creativity by exposing me to new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities.

b) Diverse Sources of Inspiration: I seek inspiration from various sources beyond my immediate field. I explore art, literature, music, and reading to broaden my horizons and draw connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. This cross-pollination of ideas often sparks creativity and allows me to bring unique perspectives to my work.

c) Collaboration and Brainstorming: Engaging with colleagues, fellow creatives, and industry peers through collaborative brainstorming sessions fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas. By bouncing ideas off one another, challenging assumptions, and leveraging collective creativity, I find inspiration and generate innovative solutions that I might not have come up with individually.

d) Setting Aside Creative Time: I dedicate time to immerse myself in the creative process. Setting aside creative time could involve free writing, mind mapping, sketching, or exploring ideas without judgment or constraints. By creating this space, I give myself permission to think freely and encourage the flow of new ideas.

e) Embracing Feedback: Feedback, whether from clients, colleagues, or the audience, is invaluable for growth and inspiration. Actively seeking feedback and being open to constructive criticism helps me refine my ideas, identify areas for improvement, and discover new directions I may have yet to consider.

f) Regularly Refreshing the Environment: Sometimes, a change of environment can work wonders for inspiration. Whether it's working from a different location, rearranging my workspace, or seeking out new experiences, these shifts can invigorate my creative thinking and stimulate fresh ideas. By implementing these strategies, I ensure that I stay inspired and consistently generate new creative ideas that meet the objectives of my projects and resonate with the target audience.

Okutepa Princess Ojoma

Kingdom Creator / Student

Most times, I get inspiration from my down times, times when I don't have anyone to turn to, or I'm baffled, and I start talking to God so he opens my mind to a whole new creativity. Also, I get inspiration when I bathe, wash, or I'm about to go to bed; my mind works funnily 😭 I think faster and better when I'm doing something else & science shows that your brain works more quickly when you bathe too.

Crystal Sarah Dabang

Digital Marketer / Content writer

When you are doing something you love, little details inspire you. But when I get exhausted, all I need to do to be inspired is sit around nature and enjoy solitude or find a new spot to sit and breathe.

Muolokwu Judith Chinyere


It's not easy being motivated sometimes as a creative; most of the time, when I get worn out, I occasionally read novels or watch movies. If it's a result of stress, I leave my work at that particular time, take a cold bath and eat properly. That's enough to recharge my creative mind; then, I resume the next day or week, depending on how long I decide to take a break.


In the enthusiasm to continue being creative, remember that inspiration is only a piece in the creative process; you must also put the work in. If you’re feeling stuck, take a step back, challenge yourself with fresh perspectives, and try new techniques. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, open our minds, and keep the creative fire burning. Please share how you stay inspired with us and keep those fresh ideas flowing in the comments below. Together, let’s unlock the limitless possibilities of our creative journeys!

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