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Fashion trends that have to go with 2020

Fashion is always evolving. It’s one of the most dynamic elements of human lifestyle. It allows people express their creativity and sometimes, their wild side.It’s this freedom of expression that fashion gives people that has led to some very questionable clothing choices that confuse you so much, you lose brain cells.Why would someone in their right minds take up a nice pair of jeans, and rip it up at the butt area?

I’m waiting for a logical explanation as to why that pic above even exists.That’s not the worst of it, still. And because fashion is very dynamic, we’ll likely see more experiments like the butt-ripped jeans in the future (I wish I had a time machine to stop them from ever happening).Another fun thing about fashion is how styles of days past look so cringe in modern times. Who remembers the famous “Obey caps” and “Supra sneakers”? Or the “Ama Kip Kip” shirts that ruled the town?

Now, all I see is cringe.The “Ama Kip Kip” brand has a pretty interesting story though. It could have been a big player in the African urban and streetwear fashion scene but they weren’t ready. This Medium article summarises it best.The most interesting thing about fashion, however, is how re-inventive it can be. People go back decades to pick out styles and either bring them back as they were or reinvent them to fit modern times.Halter neck tops, durags and tank tops (a.k.a. singlets), and even big chains have made their way back into mainstream fashion from the 90s. Now halter necks are considered cool for ladies and as a guy, you’re not hip if you don’t own at least one durag.

At least, they left those funny looking low-waist jeans that women wore back then to look all sexy. I can’t even believe that used to be a thing.As we gradually kick into gear in 2021, here are some fashion trends that should stay behind in 2020. This list will include some reincarnated and reinvented trends, as well as some that came out in the 2010s.

Bike Shorts

This trend has the tenacity of a cockroach. They left the waists of professional sports cyclers and television dance aerobics instructors to become a fashion trend in the 80s. Then they crept back into the 90s, and they came back in the 2010s.As is the case with many trends, it always takes one celebrity to revive it. Bike shorts have been paired with sneakers, jackets, oversized sweaters and t-shirts. They’re also very difficult to pull off without looking awkward, even if the lady wearing it has a great body.For the sake of all that is good and true, bike shorts have to go with 2020 and the last decade.

Lace shirts for men

Haba nau. Why this?This could look good on women, but on men? What is the difference between this and the fishnets of the 2000s we used to laugh at?Please, let’s not dwell too much on this. Leave this trend in 2020. Let it go with the last decade.

Ripped shirts

Ripped jeans are cool when done (and worn) rightly. Ripped shirts or sweaters? Not so much.First, they make you look homeless. Secondly, they make you look very homeless. Thirdly, they make you look like you have a spot under the Ojota bridge.There’s no reason why people should pay for AND wear shirts that have been ripped. None whatsoever. And to think that some people actually tried to rip some nice shirts in a DIY manner, the same way some people did to their jeans…

These are as comfortable as they get. I own a pair myself. The problem I have with it is people turning it to urban wear or streetwear.Why?These shoes (sandals?) are supposed to be worn in your comfort zone, because walking barefoot isn’t good for your feet. It was even monopolised at a time by chefs and medical practitioners and seen as ugly.How they suddenly became cool for events, parties and hangouts in the late 2010s baffles me. Please, if you want to wear crocs, wear it. But please, don’t dress all swanky and then ruin it with crocs.Slides are nice, but they’re fast becoming a problem too (self sub, because I’m literally addicted to them). There are several types in the market these days which look so ugly I could puke.Let’s be guided in this 2021. No more crocs on the streets or at events. Keep them at home.

Tell me, what other fashion trends do you not want to see in 2021 and beyond? Hit me up via @originaltalkutalku on Instagram and @ogtalkutalku on Twitter, let’s chat!

Chima Umeh-Saboyo

A half-baked Geologist and anime lover with a huge bias towards upcoming creatives and the start-up culture.

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