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Fashion tips to improve your style in 2021

2021 is for style!I’m repeating this statement because I don’t want you to forget it in a hurry. Now, gents, let’s talk fashion strategy.Style doesn’t just happen; it’s an acquired taste. Even if you have innate talent, there’s a need to work on it to improve it.Looking good is more than the clothing items you have. It involves several things which you need to pay attention to. These things could make your million-dollar jacket look cheap, or your trillion-dollar timepiece look very out of place.The trick is to be deliberate about what you want to wear. The following fashion tips will help you improve your style in 2021.

Don’t over accessorize.

This is especially important when wearing suits. Try and minimise how you use accessories on your suits.Suit accessories are pocket squares, ties and cufflinks and each of these accessories is as individual as they come, which means they can accentuate the suit individually. Don’t wear all of them at once because they can be overkill.Also, pay attention to the watch you wear. Watches (or timepieces) are the ultimate style accessory for men. In many circles, your watch tells the kind of man you are. You can pair watches with bead bracelets to give it some oomph.Make sure that your accessories are not too much.

Try incorporating colour in your wear.

This year, take a risk and wear more bright colours. Gone are the days when bright colours are seen as un-masculine. Now, they’re a must have for any man of style.Dark shades can never go wrong, truly. But it gets boring wearing black, grey, navy blue and other dull colours.Try to explore all shades of the primary colours (red, yellow and blue). Also study the colour wheel to be able to find which colours complement each other.Try out colours like pink, mustard, lighter shades of blue. You’ll be impressed by how lovely you will end up looking.

Pay attention to your shoes.

here are several studies that show how much a person’s shoes influence people’s first impressions of them.If you don’t want to lose your rep as a style icon, invest in shoes. When getting shoes, shop with a purpose – get something that’s designed to not only boost how you look but would also last longer.Try also to avoid shoes with various colour patterns and instead, go for those with uniform patterns.Loafers, brogues, boots, and sneakers are a staple in every stylish man’s closet. Try and get a few more pairs this year to up your style.

Always wear clothes that fit.

This used to be me. I’m still finding it hard to break out of big clothes.The altė movement is not helping matters too, with the emphasis on clothes that look out of fit. However, the trick is to make your clothes not too tight and not too buggy.To know the difference between tight-fitting clothes and properly-fitting clothes, squat in them. If you’re comfortable in them, then it’s a perfect fit.Get more fitting clothes, no matter the design.

Chima Umeh-Saboyo

A half-baked Geologist and anime lover with a huge bias towards upcoming creatives and the start-up culture.

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