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How do you create a balance between escaping reality through social media and addressing uncomfortable real-world issues?


 In an era where screens dictate our days, a peculiar tug-of-war emerges between the virtual and tangible realms. The allure of social media casts a spell, offering an escape hatch from the discomforts of our everyday existence. Yet, reality persists, often laden with issues that demand confrontation. The challenge is an elusive equilibrium between evading reality through the digital cocoon and acknowledging the weighty real-world matters that beckon our attention.

Inhabitants of the digital landscape find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of curated images, status updates, and notifications, fostering an alternate dimension detached from immediate surroundings.

In this episode, creatives share their thoughts on striking a balance between escaping and facing reality.

escaping reality through social media and real-world issues

Reuben Olowojoba

Human Resources Manager

Social media brings to our awareness faster and easier uncomfortable real-world issues. Social Media doesn't help us escape it because the problems remain whether we face it or ignore it. Striking the balance now is when we get aware of an issue via social media and utilize it to create more awareness and reach out to people who can fix it. Social media makes finding the support and resources to face real-world issues easy.

Sylvia at creative gist -

Sylvia Ideh

Content Creator and Writer

As rightly said, social media is an escape from reality. So, I must return to reality and deal with the uncomfortable issues. I am comfortable with uncomfortable issues, and this is the mentality I have first. Even when I'm scrolling on social media, I know that reality is somewhere, and that's how I switch. When I find myself scrolling too much, I speak (out loud) to myself, which greatly helps me. Then, I put my phone away the best way I can. I'm still trying to build the discipline to set timers on my phone to know when to do what and stay focused. I hope I responded correctly, and I hope to read other responses to this question.

Victory at creative gist -

Victory Uwayemhen


I set boundaries. I allocate time for both activities by mindfully engaging with content on social media and staying informed without becoming overwhelmed. It's easy to navigate because moderation and self-awareness are crucial to maintaining a healthy balance.

Daniel at creative gist -

Daniel Daniel

web developer

Find a balance between online presence and real-world connection. Set daily time limits for social media, leaving space for tangible experiences. Consume online content mindfully, seeking positivity over mere escape. Stay informed through reliable sources, actively engaging in real-world issues. Embrace offline activities like hobbies and volunteering for a well-rounded life. Balance is personal; relish social media while tackling real-world matters. Thoughtfully manage time, fostering harmony and purpose in your life's tapestry.

Oluwakemi at creative gist -

Oluwakemi Ojeh


For me, setting boundaries and a time frame for social media is essential so that you distinguish it from the real-life issues we face daily. When we escape our reality, we only procrastinate about the things that will meet us.


The potential for growth lies in the chasm between escapism and engagement for a society that neither disregards its struggles nor becomes enslaved by a pixelated illusion. It’s a tightrope worth treading, a line that every creative walks in pursuit of perfection but in the spirit of endeavour – an endeavour to be present in the real world while judiciously navigating the alluring mazes of the digital one.

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