The big parrot quiz

Debuting “The Big Parrot Quiz” – Episode 1

We are super pleased to roll out the first episode of our published content-based quiz dubbed “The Big Parrot Quiz“. Every week, you get 5 questions to demonstrate how well you follow our contents and stand a chance to win our internet subscription offering.

How well have you been following our published contents? So well? Fair enough? Barely? You can always refresh your memory by surfing through our website and finding the answers. Let’s get the party started!

Guidelines of Engagement:

  • Winner will be selected based on the first submitted and completely correct answers (timestamp on our email will serve as a receipt).
  • Participation is open to everyone however winner will only be drawn from Nigeria.
  • For each episode of The Big Parrot Quiz, only one winner will be issued the prize.
  • By taking part in the quiz, you grant Talku Talku the right to contact you, if you win, for the purpose of prize issuance.
  • Winner will receive up to 10 gigabytes of mobile internet data subscription of any network, within Nigeria, of their choice.

The winner of the debut episode of ‘The Big Parrot Quiz’ is Olalekan.
His answers came in exactly at 7:26pm, 15th March, 2021. He was the first person to submit 5 correct answers to the quiz.

Application Received

Thank you for your interest in The Big Showcase! Our team will review your application and get back to you soon.

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