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How is Creativity Helping to Close the Racial Gap?


Embark on this journey with us as we explore the power of creativity in closing the racial gap on this week’s episode of Creative Gist. Like a vibrant mosaic, creativity can bring together diverse voices, perspectives, and cultures, fostering understanding, empathy, and progress.

The use of art and culture to increase individual and collective capacity for expressing diverse experiences and promoting equity has been incorporated at home and abroad. Hence, examining how creativity is being leveraged as a tool for positive change is crucial.

Indulge us on this journey as we uncover how creatives are using their talents to illuminate the path toward equality and justice.

Adogbeji Anointed Ogheneruno

Voiceover Artist, Mass Communicator

Creative Nigerian artists go to external countries to perform and conduct tours; painters share their creative works with other states, and music has become versatile. All these are to help bridge the racial gap and have a more cordial and connected relationship with external countries.

Ufuoma Sophia

Entrepreneur/Mass Communicator

Creativity goes beyond just writing what you are inspired to write; it also portrays our thoughts, beliefs, and surroundings. It's no news that we are experiencing a high level of racial discrimination, but it is also evident that artists are helping to bridge the gap. The use of Music (Amapiano) artworks, amongst other forms of creativity, has helped to bridge the racial gap.

Precious Akinkugbe

Content Strategist/Digital Content Writer

I can think of several ways to foster racial unity through my work. Storytelling is beautiful because using it well enough can challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and encourage dialogue about racial issues. I can raise awareness about the ongoing struggle for racial equality by leveraging social media, online content, and targeted campaigns.

Harvey Eze

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and a Music Producer

As a music producer and beatmaker, I firmly believe Music converges the world's people. Afro Music is heard worldwide, and everyone loves it. It's from Africa 🤷 Music is not racist; if it's good, it's good, no matter the genre or the race it originates from.

Halima Usman

Software Developer | DevOps Engineer

I want to emphasize that POETRY HAS NO RACE! Whenever I write, I know for sure that someone in other parts of the world is dealing with something similar, whether they're Black, White, or Hispanic. I have had people from all over the world like my poems and vice versa. We don't see race; we see art!


Let’s remember that the fight for racial equality is far from over. Creativity has been influential in breaking barriers, challenging norms, and driving positive change. Creative approaches provide a powerful way to challenge cultural narratives, shift imagery and initiate conversations about sensitive and complex concepts.

What role does creativity play in your life when it comes to closing the racial gap? We invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas in the comments below as we amplify the voices shaping a more inclusive and harmonious world.

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