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Creative Gist: Reevaluating Progress: Are you Crushing Your 2023 Goals?


As we enter the halfway mark of 2023, it’s time to pause and reflect on the goals we set at the beginning of the year. It’s like hitting the play button on your favorite motivational anthem and taking stock of your progress so far. We set ambitious targets to create a brighter, sustainable future for ourselves.

In this week’s Creative Gist, we delve into the realm of 2023 goals. Are you crushing it, or is it time for a mid-year reset? Join us as we explore the experiences and insights of creatives just like you who are striving to make their aspirations a reality and how it has been so far.

Ojei Ogechukwu

Photographer, Videographer and Graphics Designer

My 2023 has so far been on course and it’s being achieved. I actually mind sharing my goals because they are personal and are private information to the company. Nevertheless, the goal set on getting exposure has been achieved.

Oge The Storyteller

Storyteller, Content Creator and Social Media Manager

The goals I set for 2023 have all been ticked and I'm starting to set new ones.

Alagbada Laura

Community Manager

I'm making steady headway toward my goals. While I haven't fully reached them yet, I can certainly observe progress. This progress is evident in various aspects, such as maintaining consistency on LinkedIn to enhance my brand, securing a new job, and relocating to a fresh environment. Although there's much more on my to-do list, the growth in my career trajectory and the meaningful relationships I've been cultivating are already discernible.

Jimoh Olaitan Mudashir

Actor, Filmmaker and Model

It has not been easy, but I am determined. For someone like me, that has a lot of goals, even as a first son, with bills from every angle. It's quite difficult to meet my goals.

Mogbojuri Demilade

Aspiring Diplomat

My 2023 goals, To be honest, I surprisingly didn’t set lots of goals this year because I didn’t want a situation where I don’t end up meeting those goals and having to be upset with myself, yeah? But the goals that I did set this year? Well, it’s a bit tough yeah but I’m pushing with them😂 But in all honesty, I’m just clinging to God because if he isn’t in my boat, my goals won’t make any sense. So with him, It’s going just great😊

Abraham Daniel Eleojo

Student, Photographer and Fashion Model

My goals for 2023 are going pretty well. Haven’t really achieved everything, but hopefully, I will achieve all of them before the end of the year.


Remember, the year is still in motion, and there’s ample time to realign, re-calibrate, and reignite your ambitions. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and adjust your course as needed. Please share with us how your 2023 goals are shaping up and the steps you’re taking to stay on track.

Let’s keep pushing boundaries with unwavering determination, breaking barriers, and making this year the one where we turn our dreams into tangible achievements. Share your journey with us in the comments below, and keep moving toward your vision!

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