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Creative Roundup

Meet The ‘Hat’ a New 13-sided 2D Shape

We’ve highlighted a range of exciting opportunities for creatives around the world, as well as new developments in the field of art and design. The world is constantly evolving, and it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest creative trends and opportunities.

In this weekly creative roundup, we will explore some exciting news and updates from the creative world that you don’t want to miss.

Global Voices Social Media Global Fellowship

If you are a creative professional looking for an opportunity to expand your skills and experience, the Global Voices Social Media Global Fellowship for Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa may be just what you need. This paid fellowship is designed to support emerging creatives offering them the chance to work with experienced mentors and gain hands-on experience in social media and digital storytelling. As a fellow, you’ll receive training in a range of skills, including writing, reporting, video production, and podcasting, all while developing a unique creative voice that reflects your personal perspective and experiences.

Source: Opportunities For Africans

Spotify Launches Creator Equity Fund 

Spotify has launched its Creator Equity Fund for emerging artists in Ghana, providing financial assistance, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration. The initiative aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in the music industry, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the country. This fund is part of Spotify’s commitment to supporting the next generation of musicians, helping them to succeed in the highly competitive industry.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

Unserious Collective Fellowship  for Nigerian Poets is Open

If you’re an emerging artist looking for a supportive community and the chance to hone your craft, the Unserious Collective Fellowship might be the perfect opportunity for you. This fellowship is designed to provide emerging creatives with the resources and mentorship they need to take their work to the next level. As a fellow, you’ll receive access to a community of supportive peers and mentors, as well as opportunities to participate in workshops and other events designed to help you grow your skills and expand your creative horizons.

Source: Unserious Collective

The ‘Hat’ is a new 13-sided 2D Shape That Brings Theory to Reality

In the world of design, the ‘Hat’ is making waves. This innovative design concept uses a series of triangles to create a 3D effect that is both stunning and visually striking. The illusion is created by manipulating the angles and shapes of the triangles, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience that challenges the viewer’s perceptions of depth and perspective.

Source: Creative Bloq

The 'Hat'

Platform Presents Playwright Prize 2023 Has £10,000 Cash Prize

Finally, for those interested in creative writing, the Platform Presents Playwright Prize 2023 is an exciting opportunity to showcase your talents and potentially win a significant cash prize. This prestigious prize is open to emerging playwrights from around the world, offering a chance to have your work read by a panel of industry professionals and potentially receive a cash prize of $10,000. As a playwright, you’ll have the chance to explore your creative voice and develop your skills, all while potentially winning recognition and support for your work.

Source: Creative Writing News


This week’s creative roundup highlights a range of exciting opportunities for creatives from all backgrounds and disciplines. Whether you’re interested in social media and digital storytelling, emerging art and design trends, or creative writing and theatre, there are plenty of opportunities available to help you grow your skills, expand your horizons, and pursue your passions. So why not take a chance and explore some of these exciting opportunities for yourself? Who knows, you may just discover your next big break!

Angel Umez

With an aim to be a top gun in the marketing world, Angel creates diverse forms of content to connect brands with their customers. She is also adept at creating content strategies, especially for creative, marketing, product and tech brands. Known as the “Fashionable Parrot”, she’s an avid reader and an SDG advocate.

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