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Temibrazz: A Public Relations Media Professional 

Temibrazz: A Public Relations Media Professional 

Oluwagbotemi Moshood Aduragbemi is a 400-level University of Lagos (Unilag) student that aims to use his skillset to bridge the gap between brands and their prospective customers. He likes to help young individuals scale their lives when he’s not strictly on business. He teaches some masterclasses and invests in their brand financially.

Still, he considers himself like every other youth, a regular young guy. But, as with all professionals, he wasn’t simply born into the field. So let’s delve into the backstory of Moshood Oluwagbotemi, AKA Temibrazz.

How Temibrazz Came About

Born in Itire, Surulere, Lagos, Moshood is the 3rd child of 4 boys. With a strict mum, he and his brothers were brought up as good guys with great morals. So as the saying goes, they have grown up but didn’t depart from their mother’s training.

In school, he currently studies Sociology. But although he picked that course himself, it wasn’t his preferred one. Left to Temibrazz, he would have picked criminology. But, unfortunately, it was reserved for only Masters courses in Unilag. So, he had to go with the nearest to further his criminology learning.

People called him “Temibrazz” as early as 100 level. An entrepreneur at heart, he began selling handouts with his name on them, which made him famous. He analysed the process like a professional. For example, if he sold PDFs, that would be easily shareable, and once one person buys, s/he would easily share it, and he would make no money.

So, Temibrazz went with hardcopy handouts and sold them. According to him, he made over 100% of the production costs.

From Temibrazz to Temibrazz PR Media

In 2018, he was a campus ambassador for Access Bank. He considers this his first big gig because of the number of connections he made during the period. As a result, he built a good network, learnt a few things and left.

In early 2019, Temibrazz got the campus representative deal for Tecno mobile. He became the face of the brand and was able to recruit 150 ambassadors. There was also an event with 1500+ attendance, and famous artists performed.

He also ran a massive event campaign for Sterling Bank’s grand finale of a skills test. It was held at Lagos Landmark and had over 9 universities in attendance. Even then, he could recruit nano PRs for the event, which lasted 2-3 days.

All these add to running the Temibrazz PR brand.

What Is Temibrazz PR Media?

Temibrazz PR Media aims to provide digital solutions with marketing. As evidenced by his growth, influencer marketing is unique for them. They create collaborations between brands and influencers to pitch products. Temibrazz uses a wide range of influencers. So, depending on what stage or type of influencer you need, they can get it for you.

Some influencers represent brands as too salesy, and this rubs off negatively on the brand. Temibrazz ensures that those he gets for his clients do not do that.

Temibrazz PR Media focuses on digital marketing. However, this doesn’t mean the brand folds its hands when presented with deals concerning traditional media such as radio and TV. For that, they partner with other brands to achieve the goal. They still handle brand scaling, brand development and display ads.

Challenges With Running The PR brand

 Temibrazz PR Media currently has less than 10 staff. So when they get big jobs, they must work around the clock. Though they never disappoint clients, this puts a toll on his employees.

He’s looking to hire, but he’s specific about the kind of people who enter his brand. He doesn’t plan to compromise on the quality of his employees to build a larger workforce.

Another problem with running the brand is getting clients themselves. When Temibrazz tries to close a deal, the common issue is his age. They compare him with other media founders in their 40s to him in his 20s. he combats this by collecting receipts and reviews from past clients to back up his claims. So while they might still be shocked at his age, they would know he can deliver competently.

Who Is Temibrazz Outside His Brand? 


Temibrazz is someone deeply invested in growing young minds.

He just finished running a 62-day challenge where he and other business owners would pick a business to be the day’s spotlight. This business’s services are shared across their various WhatsApp statuses and Instagram stories. With 62 founders promoting a business, they would get deals.

In 2019, he stopped collecting monetary compensation from good student-owned brands. Instead, Temibrazz would review their ad, modify the copies and push it out. They always came back with results.

Temibrazz is also a pro sales and marketing professional.

Before school, he worked with a betting shop and grew it so well that they opened up 3 more branches before he left. As a result, he considers himself a natural, although he still honed the skill.

He teaches others how-tos which can be found on his Instagram highlights. It also helps him learn from others and reinforce his knowledge in himself.

He works with Fearless, a Rite foods product in Nigeria. Not as his PR Media but as himself, Temibrazz, a brand influencer.

Key Takeaway

Temibrazz consistently learns from others doing better in his field. He saves valuable content and comes back to study them. He also learns from their mistakes, so he doesn’t repeat them during his campaigns.

One thing he would like to change in the media industry is the rampant thing of giving deals based on favouritism rather than merit. Instead, he implores that brands and professionals provide work to capable people rather than those they are familiar with but can’t do the job well.

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