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LinkedIn Growth

Quick Guide To LinkedIn Growth For Creatives

Why is LinkedIn growth important? As a creative, you want to have a sizable number of social media followers in your arsenal. And by social media, it is important to know that this isn’t or shouldn’t be limited to just Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While fostering the growth of these other platforms to scale your creative journey, we highly recommend that you maintain the same energy for your LinkedIn account.

With over 756 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best social networking platforms for creatives and freelancers seeking to connect with potential employers and business partners. However, LinkedIn can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are new to the platform. Notwithstanding, this article will give you an insight on how to achieve scalable LinkedIn growth as a creative or freelancer. Kindly read to the end.

1. Set Realistic Goals For Your LinkedIn Growth

LinkedIn Growth

Rome wasn’t built in a day; likewise, your LinkedIn account will not grow to 500+ connections in a day. To this end, the first thing you want to do is go back to the drawing board and outline your goals. Start by Identifying your long-term goals; how many connections do you hope to have at the end of six months or the year?  

After articulating your long-term goal, it is advisable to break it into short-term goals. For example, within the first three months, I want to have XYZ connections to meet my long-term goal. Afterward, proceed to break your short-term goals into small tasks that are realistic and time-bound. For instance, set out to get XYZ connections within a week and engage with XYZ posts within the week. Regardless of your LinkedIn growth target, it is advisable not to spam people into connecting with you. It would be best if you also considered personalizing your connection messages to increase the likely hood of getting positive feedback.

2. Revamp Your Profile Page Via Personal Branding

Personal branding is one of the key ingredients to rapid LinkedIn growth as a creative. As a creative on LinkedIn, your profile page is the first point of contact before potential hires get the chance to interact with you in the DMs or any other contact means. So, make sure you brand yourself in a positive light by revamping your page. You can start by uploading a professional profile picture and a banner, use headlines and optimize for the job opportunities you want to rank for.

Lastly, tell your story by articulating who you are, what you do, how you do what you do, and your years of experience in the craft. Most importantly, upload relevant educational and professional certificates in the said field alongside testimonials from past clients to show craftsmanship. Finally, if you are starting your creative journey, take the LinkedIn skills badges test and get mentors or peers to endorse these skills.

3. For Rapid LinkedIn Growth, Put Yourself Out There By Posting Often

After setting goals and revamping your profile page, If you don’t put your stuff out there and sell yourself aggressively, nobody will see you or even buy into your creative ideas and dreams. However, at the pace of your growth on LinkedIn, you want to sell your brand and make your presence known. One way to do this is by posting your creative works and processes on the timeline. It can be writing and publishing content around your niche or sharing helpful content with your connections.

This approach to LinkedIn growth is favorable because it notifies your immediate connections about key activities on your profile. More so, ensure that your content provides readers with sought-after knowledge to increase the likelihood of engaging the post. Some may even go as far as sharing it to their network or platforms. It is also essential to spice up your post with visual content like images and videos because they increase post/page engagement which is paramount for LinkedIn growth.

4. Be An Active Connection: Engage Other People’s Post

The golden rule of thumb is to do unto others that which you want to be done to you. If you want other creatives to engage your post and connect with you, you should do the same with their posts. Don’t be a docile connection, be active. Apart from building a personal relationship when you engage your first connection’s post, you also broaden your reach on Linkedin. Gestures like commenting and even sharing their post would greatly enhance your personal growth on LinkedIn.

5. Join Niche Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Having done the basics of setting goals, revamping your page, regularly posting, and engaging your connections post. Another way to ace your LinkedIn growth is to join niche relevant LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are spaces designed to foster connections within the desired industry. You can build meaningful relationships and share and gain substantial information and expertise from these groups that will help you grow your LinkedIn account and expand your reach as a creative.


In addition to the above practices for LinkedIn growth, you can also cultivate the habit of promoting your LinkedIn profile on other social media platforms. Especially on platforms where you have a more significant following and your portfolio to convert visitors to LinkedIn connections.


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