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Creative Gist: Do You Prefer Working Alone or Need a Team to Bring Your Ideas to Life?

As a creative, you likely know that the ability to generate ideas is just the first step in the process of bringing them to life.  But when it comes to actually executing your ideas, you may wonder whether working alone or as part of a team is the best approach.  Some creatives thrive in solitude, while others need the energy and input of a group to truly shine.

So, on Creative Gist today, we ask creatives, do you prefer working alone or need a team to bring your ideas to life?

Precious Sobamiwa

Fashion Designer/Podcaster

As a creative, I've worked alone and with teams. And honestly, they both have pros and cons. I am a perfectionist with a certain level of expectation and excellence in projects I work on. Working alone puts me in control of achieving that level of excellence. I can also decisively meet deadlines on my own. But, the pressure, stress and workload can quickly burn out my creative juice. However, working with a team can dramatically help with these factors and reduces my workload. But the quality of the work and how fast my team meets my deadlines are not totally in my control. They can give excuses in the face of deadlines, and I just have to remind them of what is at stake to speed up the execution stage. I'm the one who completely understands my business vision. And so, I've figured that my team may only sometimes meet the desired outcome for a project with close supervision. Currently, I work alone more than with a team. But in the future, I'd love to work more with a team I can always count on.

Maeve Killah

Scheduling Coordinator

If I could merge working alone and in teams, my work would be easier, but working alone is better. On one hand, working alone ensures you're not let down by another person's actions or lack of motivation. When you have great ideas, it can be hard to get people who share the same passion as you. As such, other people have fewer reasons to put in as much work as you will into the idea. On the other hand, working as a one-person band can be extensively difficult, but you can also go at your own pace without feeling rushed or slowed down by others. Furthermore, you get to hold yourself accountable, which makes you learn from your mistakes. Finally, you don't need to worry about partners who will run off with your ideas, steal from you or discourage you.

Julie Barbie


Every great 1-3 mins dance video you see on social media has at least three to four people who go all out to ensure the video comes out great. But all you see is the dancer and what they posted. The only way you know there were other people involved is when the dancer appreciates the team involved by tagging each person who helped to bring the dance concept to life.

As a dancer/choreographer, dance steps often come during solo rehearsals, but working with a team makes it easier to bring your dance concept to life. The motivation to produce a phenomenal dance concept is always different when you have a good location manager who will pick out a great location, a better videographer with a great camera, and a video director who will refine your concept. So the process is like this – someone (or a team) introduces the idea, someone dances, someone records the dance, someone finds a location, and someone organises/designs the costume. Then, at the end of the recording, someone edits it. Working with a fully supportive team is 100 times better than working alone.

Poju Fire


Both working alone and working with a team are good. However, working with a team is better because it makes things easier for you as a creative. It enables the possibility of more creative ideas that will give you an enhanced version of your ideas. I have worked with many creative teams and love how teamwork makes my creative process smoother. Collaboration takes away the stress of working solo. However, I also love working alone when necessary.

Gloria Orji-Emordi

Broadcast Journalist/Communications Expert

The decision to work alone or with a team depends on your current project and the skills required to execute it. For example, some projects do not need external input, so working alone allows you to have clarity of thought, be creative without any distractions and come up with solutions to problems without anybody second-guessing you. You can go crazy with your ideas, think outside the box, expand your thoughts, and there won't be anyone telling you how or when to execute your idea. On the other hand, working with a team means relying on other people's input before achieving yours. You can get blamed for mistakes you didn't make and miss deadlines because of team members. But working alone affords one speed and accurate timing because each work wheel depends on just you! Furthermore, some people don't like to share the spotlight with others, so working alone also allows you to shine as an individual without sharing your wins, failures, or praises with anybody else.

However, working with a team also has advantages, such as having sampled opinions, having other people help make informed decisions and ideas, and achieving better results than working alone. Working with a team will be perfect if one is good at delegation. When work is delegated, the workload becomes more manageable, and results are gotten faster. Working with a team also allows you to learn and understand other people's behaviours, and strengthen your interpersonal skills. This way, your ability to manage, tolerate, work, and socialise with people increases. For me, working with a team eventually depends on the kind of project I'm working on and the people I'm working with.

Solo Work or Teamwork? 

Ultimately, achieving your creative ideas faster and better depends on your personal working style, the nature of the project, and the resources available/needed. Some projects require collaboration and input from multiple sources, while others may benefit from a solo creator’s focus and singular vision.

As a creative, it’s up to you to experiment and find the best approach for you, your ideas and your ultimate career vision.  So, do you prefer working alone or with a team? Share your responses below.

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Deborah Alfred

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