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Enter to Win: the Portrait of Humanity award from 1854 and British Journal of Photography

A fleeting moment becomes permanent. Joy from years past now a source of future smiles. Memories forgotten are remembered and appreciated. This is the power of photography, a universal language that transcends the complexity of words. Sometimes, what brings us together, isn’t what we see, but what we feel. It is what makes us human. 

Returning for its fourth edition, the Portrait of Humanity award, from 1854, and the British Journal of Photography welcomes photographers from near and far to capture what makes us what we are. 

What You Need to Know About 1854 & the Portrait of Humanity Award

1854 is a multimedia platform that sits at the intersection of photography and everything else, offering a global community for photographers and art lovers to connect and appreciate the beauty and skill put into one of the most tasking responsibilities on earth: encapsulating human existence in a single frame, no matter how small or large.

The Portrait of Humanity award is a celebration of the many faces of humanity and the similarities we all share no matter where we are in the world. If your artwork showcases this unique point of view, you’re in the right place. 

Capture an International Audience

Portrait of Humanity is one of the most viewed photographic exhibitions in history and with applications still open for everybody to seize a coveted spot, you can finally take your art to new shores for maximum exposure and deserved acclaim. You can also stand a chance to get featured in the Portrait of Humanity book with over 200 shortlisted images from other amazing photographers. 

Impress Industry Leaders; Earn Global Accolades

With respected and renowned judges from past years meant to return, like Alessandra Sanguinetti and Newsha Tavakolian, Magnum photographers; Fiona Shields, Head of Photography at the Guardian, and Mallory Benedict, Photo Editor at National Geographic, your work will be seen by the right people. You also stand the chance to be featured on BBC, Guardian, Times, CNN, and Metro. 

Ball in Your Court

What are you waiting for? You’re a creative who is both intelligent and filled with the potential to break ceilings for others to scale through in the future. It’s time you leave your mark in your industry and the Portrait of Humanity award is a perfect launchpad. Applications close on December 2nd, 2021, at 23:59 UK time.

It is imperative to note, you must be a member of 1854 to be able to apply. Membership comes with digital access to all their awards, commissions, and content for an annual fee starting at £19.75 (~11,000 Naira)

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