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Creative Gist : Would You Invest in Passion Projects or Strictly Paid Projects?

Have you ever been paid ‘exposure’ for doing a project? Or have you always belonged to the ‘pay me my money’ team? Today on Creative Gist, we sample different opinions on the topic – would you invest in passion projects or strictly paid projects?

Passion projects are those endeavours we undertake because we love them, not necessarily because they are financially rewarding. They are driven by the desire to explore our interests and create something we are genuinely passionate about. However, there is often a debate over whether these projects can lead to success or are just a waste of resources. Is pursuing or investing in passion projects important, or should you focus on what brings monetary reward immediately?

Read on to see what our creatives had to say.

Olapeju Koleoso

Olapeju Koleoso

Creative Culinary Entrepreneur

I'd rather invest in strictly paid projects because profit means a lot to me. However, I'm not against those who invest in passion projects, as it helps them improve their work.

Oluwadunsin Bridget

UI/UX and Graphics Designer

For me, seeking your passion isn't a waste of time because I know many people who gave their all to pursue their passion and became successful. However, chasing your passion doesn't immediately yield rewards that may be termed 'paid'. There's also this belief that one should have a source of income before chasing your passion because it might take a long time before passion yields results.
But because it is your passion, you are willing to give it your best shot despite knowing it might not yield good financial rewards. Taking and doing paid projects well is okay, but passion projects also require that you put in your 100% and be the best in that field. That way, people will approach you with the mindset that you are a valuable and priceless person. And with time, your passion projects will metamorphose into paid projects because of your value.

Olajumoke Ogunfeitimi


I would rather invest in a passion project even though I won't get paid. This is because passion projects have rewards, especially if I do my best. Also, believing in myself, working hard and staying consistent during a passion project can yield excellent results!

Wite Emmanuel

Multifaceted Content Creator

I like a paid passion paid project because nothing beats doing what you are passionate about, whether there's a monetary reward for it or not. For example, I have worked on a couple of personal passion projects that involved exploring and improving the aesthetics of my content. And whenever there was even the smallest tangible reward attached to such projects, I felt more fulfilled—no rules against getting paid or rewarded for pursuing passion projects.

Anthonia Mbah

Anthonia Mbah

Frontend Developer

Passion projects are not a waste of time and resources. Most people overlook the power of passion sometimes. I don't mind working for free for a brand or company that I love, depending on what the job entails. I see it as putting myself out there and an opportunity to learn a lot because I'll be exposed to new experiences.

Passion Projects Vs Paid Projects?

While passion projects may not always lead to financial success, they can be incredibly rewarding in other ways, including developing new skills, opening doors for unexpected opportunities and connections, gaining new experiences, and finding fulfilment in your creative pursuits. However, you’ll also be right to pursue only projects that clearly outline immediate monetary benefits.

At the end of the day, your personal goals, values and current financial and career level will determine whether you should pursue passion projects or strictly paid ones. So, what does your status permit you to undertake? Passion projects or strictly paid projects? Please share with us below.

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Deborah Alfred

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