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Hutton Kilete: weirdnormal vivid imagery takes art to its most beautiful extremes

Hutton Kilete
Hutton Kilete

Hutton Kilete: weirdnormal vivid imagery takes art to its most beautiful extremes

Hutton Kilete, pseudonym, weirdnormal, a Port Harcourt-based painter, considers himself a mind-blowing artist. He believes that art is complex and if one could do any form of art, then one is considered an artist. In his words “It doesn’t matter if you can do one form of art, it doesn’t matter if you can do every form of art … art is art … anyone who could do any form of art, both performing art and visual art, I think is an artist”.

Hutton Kilete
Hutton Kilete

Hutton Kilete (weirdnormal) tells his story

Weirdnormal tells his story of how he came to love doing abstract painting. He says: “I was attracted to abstract painting because I feel like every part of my life, every time of my life, I have always seen things a little bit not natural, a little bit out of the natural …”

He speaks on his challenge with painting while growing up, as he claims it was a difficult journey but his focus was on developing and doing what he fears most. To him, discovering this path is like the quote “… I’ve learnt to heed the call of my heart. I’ve learnt that the safest path is not always the best path and I’ve learnt that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted”.

WeirdNormal abstract image

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“Painting has always been my widest challenge growing up … I didn’t know how to paint very well but then I could do a lot of sketches … I did abstract sketches, I also did graffiti … I love the idea of playing with colours, I love colours a lot … I don’t have a favourite colour … every colour for me is amazing cause they have their own interpretation,” weirdnormal says.

He began his painting career in 2017 and has since then developed. He is of the opinion that every day of our lives, we come in contact with, at least, one form of art hence his stance, “art means everything to me”. Following weirdnormal on the journey of his creation process, he gives us hints on what inspires his creativity: “My inspiration comes from life and experience, sadness, love, anger … I channel all of my energy into my works.

He adds that his creative process is dependent on the energy he feels. “I could start something and end up with another, I just allow the process to come” Continuing, he says, “I like to work in a quiet and lonely place, it helps me communicate with my inside properly without any form of external pressure or distraction. And I love music, especially Afro-alternative music. They help my mind…” If weirdnormal were to classify his art, it would be under “African contemporary” he says. His choice of a pen name is not a coincidence; it reflects his personality as his statement implies: “People around me could call me weird or say I’m outa normal, but then I feel normal”.

To him, all his works stand out because they are unique; they express different thoughts, emotions, energies, and different meanings. When he was asked what he loves most about what he does, he responds by saying he loves “everything, from the idea to the outcome; the pleasure in the process, the beauty in the art, the message …”Though money has been the biggest challenge in his art, he believes he’ll grow with time and actualise his dreams. He intends to own a gallery where he can fully showcase his art.


The abstractness of weirdnormal’s art draws you in, especially if you are attracted to art, abstractions, and deep creativity. He is a growing artist and has great potential. One reason I was drawn to his work is because of the depth and density it carries. It draws you to stare until you become amazed by the message it embodies. We should all look forward to greater productivity from him. Though weirdnormal is not a very social person, you can find his works on Instagram. Here’s a link for you to see weirdnormal’s cajoling art for yourself @wxird.nxrmxl

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