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Creative Roundup

Creative RoundUp: Microsoft Plans To Integrate OpenAI’s Writing Tech To Word, Outlook, And PowerPoint

It’s amazing how a unique form of invention can bring about diverse reactions and feelings. One particular invention is OpenAI; many creatives and organizations are reacting differently to the technological benefits and dangers of OpenAI. Creatives are scared that they may go out of their jobs, while others are happy that it relieves them of some stress, especially when they have creative writing blocks. This week’s Creative Roundup explores technology, entertainment and creative spaces, providing a roundup of some of the things you missed this week. Have a jolly read.

1. Kizz Daniel’s ‘RTID’ Hits 1.7m Youtube Views In Three Days

Famous singer Kizz Daniel has started the year on a high note as his newly released single ‘RTID’, which means ‘Rich Till I die’, has hit 1.7 million views on YouTube in just three days after its release.

The song was produced by Reward Beatz and co-produced by Blaise Beatz, with the visuals brought to life by ace music video director TG Omori.

2. Youtube Announces Conditions For Creators To Start Earning From Shorts

The giant streaming platform YouTube has announced that it will start allowing its Shorts creators to monetize their content from February 2023.

However, all artists must agree to modifications to its Partner Programs Conditions if they want to keep making money from their videos on the network. Creators who agree to the new terms will receive Shorts ad income next month.

3. Sama Shuts Down Content Moderation Business

Sama, Meta’s content moderation partner in Africa, has shut down its content moderation operations, letting go of 200 employees. Formerly known as Samasource, it will now focus on its data labelling business, which according to them, “is the right long-term decision for our business”.  

Sama says, “we have chosen to refocus our business and concentrate solely on our computer vision annotation technology platform and solutions. This means we will discontinue our work that isn’t closely aligned with that vision, including Natural Language Processing and our Content Moderation business, effective March 2023.”

4. Microsoft Plans To Integrate OpenAI’s Writing Tech To Word, Outlook, And PowerPoint

The Information reports that Microsoft plans to integrate OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot technology into its popular office applications to improve efficiency and productivity.

The report confirms that Microsoft has already implemented OpenAI’s GPT text-generating model in Word’s autocomplete feature and is working to implement it in other Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook features.


5. UK Explores Concert Partnership  With Burna Boy For ‘Next’ Lagos Show

Impressed with the success of the Burna Boy’ Lagos Loves Damini’ January 1 show, the UK government has begun talks with its organizers toward exploring a partnership that would shore up the entertainment sector in Nigeria.

Steps toward the partnership kicked off in a meeting held at the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos. In a remark, the leading show promoter, Mr Kaycee Kennedy, pointed out that the show was the most famous outdoor music concert with over 30,000 audiences, the most extensive car parking in an event – over 11,000 cars, no reported casualties, theft, sexual assault or sexual harassment.


Despite all odds, the entertainment sector has evolved and accomplished a lot. The partnership with the United Kingdom is one of these accomplishments, and as a Nigerian, I am proud. One way to be accomplished as a creative is to have an in-depth knowledge of your art; that way, you can start achieving your dreams. You can do that by attending webinars. So I’m urging you to register for this month’s webinar, How To Find Your Creative Niche: A Step-By-Step Guide.

Till next time, stay creatively informed.

Ayomide Fadeyi

Ayomide is an Environment Enthusiast, Content creator, and associate, news writer, and reporter, media person, creative consultant, and a social researcher. She is also a certified digital marketer and has participated in several youth conferences including the recently concluded British High Commission project – the SDG Literacy Drive.

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