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Creative Roundup

Creative Round-Up: Youtube Supports Global Creators in Earning Revenue With Their New Update

The world is becoming increasingly aware of global creators’ struggles in making money in their fields. While some of those struggles have been highlighted here, we also show that companies are taking steps to support them. Just like always, the Creative Round-up provides you with informative, entertaining, and current news about the creative industry. It is no different this week, as we have selected only the finest creative news to help you relax and keep you updated on the major things that happened in the creative industry, while you were hustling and bustling throughout the week. Have an exciting and didactic read.

1. Oscars 2023: Nigeria Films Fail Criteria For Submission

The Nigerian Official Selection Committee (NOSC) announced that there would be no submission for the Oscar 2023. The committee decision was decided on the 8:5:1:1 voting ratio of 15 members with the highest vote representing, “No Film Eligible”. The other three ratios represent the three film submissions for this year but unfortunately, none of them passed. This is the second time in a row Nigeria would not submit a movie for the International Feature Film (IFF) Award.

The chairperson of NOSC, Chineze Anyaene-Abonyi, implores directors to create films in line with the requirements for the IFF award so Nigeria has the opportunity to participate.

2. Youtube Announces New Ways Global Creators Can Earn On The Platform

global creators

YouTube has announced different ways to support global creatives and small creators on the platform in making money.

Shorts are becoming increasingly popular and YouTube has decided that revenue from ads shown between shorts will be collated and shared with creators. 45% of the profits will be given to the creators whose shorts are featured before or after the ads.

YouTube has also said that creators who have up to 1,000 followers and 10 million views in the past 90 days would be able to apply for the YouTube Partnership Program. The platform expects that this would help small creators grow without compromising on quality.

Creator Music would allow creators to buy music licenses from other creators to use in their videos. This allows them to keep all revenue they make from their videos. For those who aren’t interested in buying, the revenue would be shared with the track artiste and the video creator.

These features are expected to go global in early 2023.

3. Talku Talku Announces Her Semi-finalists In The TT Creative Grant 2022 (Second Quarter Release).

The TT Creative Grant 2022 which launched its second-quarter release on the 15th of July, 2022 has finally announced the semi-finalists for the grant. The top 3 creators are Goyang Jimun, Mustafa Hassan and Desmond Oranu. The TT Creative Grant aims to empower creators with $1000 to enhance the creative journey.

You can follow the process and get notified about the next quarter’s release here.

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4. Popular Nigerian Musician “The Guy” Gets Married.

Mi Abaga now known as the guy is finally married. He announced his engagement to Eniola Mafe in April early this year.

The couple known as The Incredibles tied the knot on Thursday, 22nd of September 2022.


To be part of the first set of creators to harness the YouTube platform when it starts the new YPP, start vlogging now! Then you can steadily grow your account to meet the new criteria. Till next time.

Angel Umez

With an aim to be a top gun in the marketing world, Angel creates diverse forms of content to connect brands with their customers. She is also adept at creating content strategies, especially for creative, marketing, product and tech brands. Known as the “Fashionable Parrot”, she’s an avid reader and an SDG advocate.

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