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Creative Gist: Do You See Yourself In Your Creative Pieces, and Do Your Creative Pieces Portray Your Personality to Your Audience?

Creativity does not happen in a void, and it isn’t just a means to an end. The outcome of your creative pieces should spark a conversation, ignite purpose in others, or influence the emotions of anyone who comes in contact with them.

Edgar Degas quotes, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. Additionally, creative pieces should be felt rather than just observed. On this episode of Creative Gist, five creatives share their thoughts on whether they view themselves through the lenses of their creative works and if their creative pieces portray their personalities to their audience.

Steve Ekpenisi


I see myself in my work because my work is me. When you view a sculptural piece or a piece of art done by a professional, you will definitely see the artist in it. People say art is spiritual, and this is because if an artist is meticulous, careless, or erratic, their work will reflect their personality.
I see myself in my work because I pay attention to every detail. I also create unique and original pieces because; by being authentic, I become a brand. One thing is to become a brand; another is for people to get it. As an accepted brand that people recognise on sight, my value increases daily.



While most of the stories I share in my songs aren’t personal, I express them passionately so that each listener will feel and somehow relate to the stories.
Also, I see myself in all my creative pieces because they are unique to me. And so, whenever my listeners hear my song, they see me.


Handcrafted Bead-maker

Yes, I do! As a creative, any work I conceive has a purpose or intends to fulfil a purpose. So I channel all of me (my time, skills, and emotions) to ensure I meet and fulfil that purpose. While at it, I find new ways or methods to achieve my aim and indirectly learn more about my capabilities.
Those who know me know that once I conceive an idea, I like to see it through. I believe in the saying, "Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well." As such, whether I am seen now or not doesn't discourage me from giving my best because, in due time, I (my work) will get noticed, especially once my work satisfies a need.`

Tobi Ogunrinde

Multidisciplinary Designer and Artiste

I always try to put parts of myself and topics that inspire me, such as my culture and mental health, in my work.
People have told me that my creative pieces match my introverted personality. And although I act impulsively sometimes and mix different things to create new things, people admit that they can still view my original personality in those pieces.

Chibuzo Bryno

Comedian and Creative Writer

Yes, I see myself in my work and ensure to include other people’s experiences in my delivery. I see recognition for my work in the smiles and laughter of my audience.
As a standup comedian and skit-maker for about three years now, I also measure recognition of my work by how people randomly holler at me on different occasions, whether I’m performing or not. This shows that they care about my content and I’m doing something right.


Closing with the quote by Thomas Merton, which says, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”, do you think reflecting and losing a part of yourself to your creative piece also helps you find yourself?

And do you think others can see the part of you that is embedded in your creative pieces? Kindly share your thoughts below.

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Deborah Alfred

Deborah Alfred is a content writer, UX writer, and copywriter. A published author, she is the founder and community leader of WriterPreneurs' World, a writing community of over 2000 people. She employs simple yet effective writing and storytelling techniques that draw and capture her audience. Her moniker, Insightful Parrot, is a testament to her ability to see minute details that are usually oblivious to others and can improve any situation.

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