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5 games that boost creativity

5 Easy Games That Can Help You Boost Creativity

A lot of the information you see online that help to boost creativity are either tailored to workplace games or video gamers. So, we are going to introduce you to games that boost creativity no matter the kind of professional you are.

It’s a big myth to say that creativity cannot grow.

Being a creative thinker means being able to see things from different perspectives and try new and creative approaches to solving problems, generating ideas and working with others. Creativity is the type of soft skill that be used to adapt to any situation we find ourselves in. Creativity is for everyone. And so, while it may come naturally and seem on an all-time high for some, others, like us, need to boost creativity continually.

A lot of the information you see online that help to boost creativity are either tailored to workplace games or video gamers. But, as said, creativity is not for a specific type of person and anyone anywhere can be creative. So, we are going to introduce you to games that boost creativity no matter the kind of professional you are.

In this article, we are going to show you 5 games you can play to boost your creative thinking. These 5 creative thinking games that boost creativity aren’t stressful to perform and they’re fun!

For each of these games, you can play them alone and boost your creativity. However, if you have a bigger group, it is easily adaptable. Here are the 5 games you can play to boost creativity.

1. The 30 Circles Exercise

2. Create your own story ending

3. Ask Why

4. Think up bad ideas

5. Paper clip exercise

1. The 30 Circles Exercise 

An excerpt from a complete 30 circles game that boosts creativity

This game involves taking a sheet of paper with 30 perfect circles on it and completing it with any image your imagination can spring up. The idea is to fill up the sheet in 3 minutes or less.

You take the sheet with 30 circles, set a 3 minutes timer and draw as fast as you can.

Some ideas for the circles are clocks, glasses, balls, et cetera. You can join two (2) or more circles together for better flexibility in creation!

Remember to test your creativity. Try not to use the ideas suggested above and make your drawings as diverse as possible. Bonus points if you don’t draw common items.

You need just three minutes to do this game. Try it daily and see just how you boost creativity.

2. Create Your Own Ending 

Pick your favourite story or any story you’re well versed with and create your own ending. How do you think the Game Of Thrones series should end? Should that manga have introduced a new superpower? Let your imagination run free and create your own ending. You can make it very diverse and different from the original storyline. Your creative thinking will improve as you do this. Is the GoT series too wide for you? Pick a movie or book you know and do the same.

Feel free to create multiple endings for the same story. It improves your perspective and hence, boosts creativity.

 3. Ask Why 

his simple exercise takes you from giving generic answers to finding deep insights into your creative work. Ask why 9 times.

Ask a question, and then for every answer you give, ask why to boost your creativity and creative thinking. By doing this, you get to find the most fundamental insights that sparked your innovation.

Start with easier questions and then apply this exercise to any of your creative engagements to really find your why and motivate you to get back to creativity.

You can play this game alone, with a partner or in a group to boost creativity.

 4. Think up bad ideas.

This is a favourite. Rather than riddle yourself with restrictions and trying to create the next best thing, create a really bad suggestion.

For whatever problem you’re trying to solve, think of the most horrible ways you could solve it. Think up disaster and let the maniac in you run wild.

Not only would this boost creativity, but it also solves your problems faster.

Because bad solutions tend to come out faster, you have a plethora of actionable steps you could use to solve your problem and boost creative solutions. Why? To turn your bad ideas into good, think of the opposite of those actions. Simple.

5. The Paperclip Exercise 

Similar to the 30 circles test, you have to create as many uses for a paperclip as you can in 2 minutes. It doesn’t matter how weird your suggestions get; if it works, it’s very valid. As said, being a creative thinker helps you find new creative approaches to a particular problem. By finding new approaches to using paperclips, you are sure to boost creativity.


One thing noticeable about these creative games is that it transports us to our child-like days when our creativity peaked. From constantly asking why, to turning the most random things into instruments for play, we let our creativity flow.

To boost creativity, simply pick one of these options and do them every day. After a month, compare the changes in your creativity. You’d be amazed.

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